Budget Year / Version:

These volumes contain the Approved FY18 Operating and Capital Budgets and amendments to the FY17-22 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) for Montgomery County. In accordance with the law and after receiving my recommendations and the advice of interested parties through public hearings and other means, the County Council approved the budgets on May 25, 2017, for the fiscal year that begins on July 1, 2017.

The total Council Approved FY18 Operating Budget from all sources of funds is $5,450.4 million, an increase of $148.5 million or 2.8 percent from the Approved FY17 Budget. This budget reflects a property tax rate of $1.0013 per $100 of assessed value - 2.51 cents below the prior year's rate. This keeps the property tax rate within the County's Charter Limit. Because Capital Budget appropriations can be made for multiple fiscal years, comparisons of the Capital Budget from one fiscal year to the next do not provide useful information.

As detailed in the budget highlights and in the appropriate departmental sections, the Approved FY18 Operating and Capital Budgets continue to support what I believe are our most important shared priorities:

  • A Responsive and Accountable County Government
  • Affordable Housing in an Inclusive Community
  • An Effective and Efficient Transportation Network
  • Children Prepared to Live and Learn
  • Healthy and Sustainable Communities
  • Safe Streets and Secure Neighborhoods
  • A Strong and Vibrant Economy
  • Vital Living for All of Our Residents

The Approved FY18 Operating and Capital Budgets include critical investments to address the important needs of our growing community. The budgets increase funding for public education at all levels beyond what is required by State Maintenance of Effort laws, increase the size of our police force, expand our Positive Youth Development programs, increase funding for programs critical to our growing senior population, boost funding for our library system, and continue to address the needs of our most vulnerable residents. The budgets also provide the necessary funding for continued and strategic economic growth through both the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation and the WorkSource Montgomery organization. In addition, these budgets continue our commitment to prudent fiscal policies that are critical to sound fiscal management. As we continue to recover from economic challenges nationally and globally, the budgets increase our reserve levels to cushion the taxpayer against any future unanticipated economic setbacks.

In order to reduce costs and minimize our use of paper, we have provided an abbreviated version of each County Government department's operating budget. You may view a more detailed description of each department's budget by visiting the Office of Management and Budget webpage at www.montgomerycountymd.gov/omb.

You are invited to read the contents of these volumes for a description of the Approved Operating and Capital Budgets and CIP. Please call the Office of Management and Budget at (240) 777-2800 for further information. This information is also available on the Internet on the Montgomery County home page at www.montgomerycountymd.gov.