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Mission Statement

The Cable Television Communication Plan is a special revenue fund. Revenue is provided by cable franchise agreements and fees from the Transmission Facility Coordinating Group. Funding is passed through for: the operation of the Office of Broadband Program's (OBP); Community Engagement; Community Technology; FiberNet programs; Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) programming by the Office of Public Information (PIO); the County Council; the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC); Montgomery College; Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS); Montgomery Community Media; PEG equipment; and municipal franchises administered by the County. The mission of the Cable Television Communications Plan is to provide effective management of the Fund; the County's cable franchise agreement; quality PEG programming; broadband governance; planning, execution, and operation of FiberNet; the County's communications network; and effective management of the deployment of wireless facilities throughout Montgomery County. Additional funding for OBP is provided and described in the Department of Technology Services budget.


Budget Overview

The total recommended FY22 Operating Budget for the Office of Broadband Programs is $17,469,611, an increase of $951,031 or 5.76 percent from the FY21 Approved Budget of $16,518,580. Personnel Costs comprise 25.56 percent of the budget for 18 full-time position(s) and no part-time position(s), and a total of 30.75 FTEs. Total FTEs may include seasonal or temporary positions and may also reflect workforce charged to or from other departments or funds. Operating Expenses account for the remaining 74.44 percent of the FY22 budget.

The total recommended FY22 Cable Television Communications Plan includes five elements:

  • The Office of Broadband Programs, Media PEG operating and equipment, and Municipal transfers ($17,469,611)
  • Transfers to the General Fund for indirect costs ($830,904)
  • Transfers for PEG programming including Montgomery County Public Schools ($1,769,775) and Montgomery College ($1,796,800)
  • Transfers to County Capital Improvements Programs (CIP) including FiberNet ($3,592,000) and ultraMontgomery ($680,000)
  • Transfers from General Fund ($700,000) and to Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission ($100,000)

The Office of Broadband Programs and the Office of Management and Budget are developing and evaluating strategies to address projected declines in cable franchise fees.

This Fund's CIP requires Current Revenue funding, using restricted funds from the Cable Television Communications Plan.

In addition, this department's Capital Improvements Program (CIP) requires Current Revenue funding.

County Priority Outcomes

While this program area supports all eight of the County Result Areas, the following are emphasized:

  • Thriving Youth and Families
  • Easier Commutes
  • A Greener County
  • Effective, Sustainable Government
  • A Growing Economy


Program Performance Measures

Performance measures for this department are included below (where applicable), with multi-program measures displayed at the front of this section and program-specific measures shown with the relevant program. The FY21 estimates reflect funding based on the FY21 approved budget. The FY22 and FY23 figures are performance targets based on the FY22 recommended budget and funding for comparable service levels in FY23.



  • Montgomery County will implement FiberNet3, a third-generation network design which impacts the speed in which digital information travels, for example, the speed of internet and phone services. FiberNet3 builds on the long-term success of County-owned fiber optic communications infrastructure. This initiative provides critical infrastructure for next generation communications and cloud services. FiberNet3 will provide some of the following benefits: reduced costs, improved public Wi-Fi capacity, performance level improvements, support for new customer technologies, emergency demands, improved service availability, and more reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The FiberNet3 upgrades will address emerging and long-term needs - including essential equipment, technology refreshes, and increasingly growing bandwidth demands.

  • The Department of Technology Services completed a community engagement information assessment survey. The survey responses will be utilized to develop the Comcast and Verizon cable franchise renewal negotiations.

  • Interactive video meetings have been an essential tool to ensure continued County Executive and County Council forums. Interactive video meetings will continue post pandemic to expand public participation in County Executive and County Council community meetings and press briefings.

  • MoCoNet, Montgomery County Government's internet service network, will expand services to targeted affordable housing locations throughout Montgomery County.

  • Montgomery County will expand ultraMontgomery, a secure high-speed broadband service for businesses, to bio health companies in the I-270 corridor (also known as Great Seneca Highway) to Ashburn, VA data centers. Ninety percent of the East Coast's internet traffic flows through Ashburn, VA centers.


Innovations and Productivity Improvements

  • Continued commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion by addressing our community's digital divide. A digital equity pilot program, MoCoNet, was established to provide internet services to low income and special needs residents of Main Street Apartments. MoCoNet has been an essential resource for professional, educational, and social connectivity. MoCoNet has reached over 50% of the Main Street Apartment's eligible units, since its launch in August 2020. Closing the digital equity gap will continue through the expansion of free, reliable internet services to include additional affordable housing properties.
  • Senior Planet Montgomery offers free online technology classes to seniors. The objective of these classes are to help older adults improve their daily lives through the utilization of technology. Montgomery County has expanded these classes to include classes in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. Pre-pandemic participation of 811 has increased to over 10,000 on-line participants.

  • Deployed outdoor WiFi at 14 County library locations to provide broadband access for low income communities of color and small business entrepreneurs without home Internet access.

  • Enhanced Technology Facility Coordination Group (TFCG or "Tower Committee") public awareness and input by revising County regulations, leveraging automated email notification, and online application posting.

  • The Transmission Facilities Coordinating Group application process improvement replaced in person payment submissions with an electronic payment submission.

  • Continued to expand community engagement and content through the following platforms: podcasting, cablecasting CNN new evening, and live social media coverage of County and State meetings and events.

Program Descriptions

  Media - Montgomery College

Montgomery College Television creates videos for Montgomery College educational cable channels, website, and social media. Funds are used for staff, equipment, operating expenses, and training student interns using hands on, real life production techniques and facilities. Videos educate, inform, and support student success (i.e. closing the achievement gap, dual enrollment,...

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  Media - Montgomery County Public Schools

Montgomery County Public Schools Television (MCPS-TV) is a full-service television and multimedia facility that produces TV programs for students, staff, parents, and the general community produced in multiple languages to reach the district's growing multicultural community. MCPS-TV regular programming includes live Board of Education meetings, live webstreaming events from schools,...

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  OBP Fibernet (CF)

Funding from the Cable Special Revenue Fund is used to support Montgomery County's private communications network - FiberNet. FiberNet is a critical infrastructure asset that provides carrier-class voice, video, Internet access, and data network services for Montgomery County Government, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Montgomery College, Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC),...

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  Office of Broadband Programs FiberNet (Cable Fund)

OBP-FiberNet supports operation and maintenance of, and provision of new applications over, Montgomery County's private communications network - FiberNet. FiberNet is a critical infrastructure asset that provides carrier-class voice, video, Internet access and data network services for Montgomery County Government, Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS), Montgomery College, Housing Opportunities Commission...

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  OBP Community Technology

OBP Community Technology manages use of public rights-of-way in Montgomery County by cable television providers, negotiates and enforces obligations in cable franchise agreements, provides consumer assistance with cable issues and complaints, and supports County policies addressing compensation for use of public rights-of-way by communications providers. Community Technology manages the Transmission...

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  Montgomery Community Media

Montgomery County supports community media and digital equity training through a contract with Montgomery Community Television, doing business as Montgomery Community Media (MCM). MCM operates two community media cable television channels, provides media technology training to County residents and community organizations, and produces independent, diverse, and informative cable programming for...

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  OBP Community Engagement

OBP Community Engagement provides channel management for the County's cable television station (CCM) and its three cable channels, and a Technical Operations Center to support transmission of 13 local PEG channels over three cable systems. CCM program content is created by the County Council, PIO, and Maryland-National Capital Park and...

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  Municipal Support

Cable operator franchise fees and PEG support obligations to participating municipalities within Montgomery County are paid by cable operators to the County for administrative efficiency and auditing effectiveness and then redistributed by the County to the City of Rockville, the City of Takoma Park, and the Montgomery County Chapter of...

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  Connect Montgomery Alliance

The Montgomery County Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Governance Board facilitates collaboration among the local PEG stations to promote meaningful and relevant PEG programming and media services to the Montgomery County community using current and emerging technologies. The PEG Governance Board (PGB) collaboratively works to expand community engagement, Spanish language...

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  OBP Digital Equity (Cable Fund)

Digital Equity is necessary for civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and access to essential services. OBP Digital Equity works to ensure individuals and communities have the information technology knowledge and confidence needed for full participation in our society, democracy, and economy. It supports providing technology training for older...

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  Media - PIO, Council, M-NCPPC

This program provides funding for the Office of Public Information, the County Council, and the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission to create content for the County's cable channel CCM, social media, and live Internet streaming, including County Council and Planning Board meetings, press conferences, town hall meetings, special events,...

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Budget Trends
Program Contacts

Contact Michele Crane of the Department of Technology Services at 240.777.2845 or Felicia Hyatt of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2763 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.

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Budget Summary
Salaries and Wages3135671.003337776.00 3203549.00 3510326.005.2
Employee Benefits968704.00980362.00 883957.00 955622.00-2.5
Cable Television Personnel Costs4104375.004318138.00 4087506.00 4465948.003.4
Operating Expenses11982905.0012200442.00 12234434.00 13003663.006.6
Cable Television Expenditures16087280.0016518580.00 16321940.00 17469611.005.8
Full-Time13.0018.00 18.00 18.000.0
Part-Time0.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
FTEs30.8530.75 30.75 30.750.0
Franchise Fees15792097.0015186000.00 14854275.00 13767962.00-9.3
Investment Income221566.00159000.00 221566.00 153000.00-3.8
PEG Capital Revenue5914157.005622000.00 5530091.00 5253586.00-6.6
PEG Operating Revenue3609548.003489000.00 3625436.00 3444164.00-1.3
Tower Application Fees95500.00250000.00 250000.00 250000.000.0
Cable Television Revenues25632868.0024706000.00 24481368.00 22868712.00-7.4
Total Expenditures16087280.0016518580.00 16321940.00 17469611.005.8
Total Full-Time Positions13.0018.00 18.00 18.000.0
Total Part-Time Positions0.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Total FTEs30.8530.75 30.75 30.750.0
Total Revenues25632868.0024706000.00 24481368.00 22868712.00-7.4
FY22 Recommended Changes
Changes (with service impacts)
Enhance: FiberNet 3 Build Out [OBP Fibernet (CF)]7000000.00
Enhance: Digital Equity Initiative for HOC and Affordable Housing Properties [OBP Digital Equity (Cable Fund) ]1000000.00
Other Adjustments (with no service impacts)
Increase Cost: FY21 Compensation Adjustment841970.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY21 Personnel Costs491730.00
Increase Cost: FY22 Compensation Adjustment321480.00
Increase Cost: Print and Mail Adjustment32210.00
Decrease Cost: Retirement Adjustment-177080.00
FY22 RECOMMENDED1746961130.75
Program Summary
Program NameFY21 APPR
Media - Montgomery College00.0000.00
Media - Montgomery County Public Schools 00.0000.00
Connect Montgomery Alliance 9399840.009432040.00
Media - PIO, Council, M-NCPPC189309111.50186512411.50
Montgomery Community Media 28290610.0028290610.00
Municipal Support 35639000.0035639000.00
OBP Community Engagement 9860094.0011862035.00
OBP Community Technology 17122176.5016224265.50
OBP Digital Equity (Cable Fund) 3002871.002000000.00
OBP Fibernet (CF)00.0052596938.75
Office of Broadband Programs FiberNet (Cable Fund)42940317.7500.00
Funding Parameter Items ($000s)
FY22 Recommended17470.00000017470.00000017470.00000017470.00000017470.00000017470.000000
No inflation or compensation change is included in outyear projections.
Labor Contracts0.00000074.00000074.00000074.00000074.00000074.000000
These figures represent the estimated annualized cost of general wage adjustments, service increments, and other negotiated items.
Subtotal Expenditures17470.00000017544.00000017544.00000017544.00000017544.00000017544.000000
Additional Documentation