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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Police is to safeguard life and property, preserve the peace, prevent and detect crime, enforce the law, and protect the rights of all citizens. The Department is committed to working in partnership with the community to identify and resolve issues that impact public safety.

Community Policing Philosophy

Community Policing reflects the philosophical method and style of policing that the Department currently employs. It provides for Countywide and site-specific efforts to address community public safety issues through community partnerships and problem-solving strategies. These strategies have allowed the Department to establish programs to address community concerns as quickly as possible and to provide experience for the Department to draw from for problem resolution Countywide.


Budget Overview

The total approved FY19 Operating Budget for the Department of Police is $280,038,331, an increase of $4,398,961 or 1.60 percent from the FY18 Approved Budget of $275,639,370. Personnel Costs comprise 83.77 percent of the budget for 1,892 full-time position(s) and 197 part-time position(s), and a total of 1,957.95 FTEs. Total FTEs may include seasonal or temporary positions and may also reflect workforce charged to or from other departments or funds. Operating Expenses account for the remaining 16.23 percent of the FY19 budget.

Linkage to County Result Areas

While this program area supports all eight of the County Result Areas, the following are emphasized:

  • A Responsive, Accountable County Government
  • Safe Streets and Secure Neighborhoods


Department Performance Measures

Performance measures for this department are included below (where applicable), with multi-program measures displayed at the front of this section and program-specific measures shown with the relevant program. The FY18 estimates reflect funding based on the FY18 approved budget. The FY19 and FY20 figures are performance targets based on the FY19 approved budget and funding for comparable service levels in FY20.

Average emergency 911 call response time (minutes)7:468:358:007:457:30
Crime investigation and closure rate: Homicide87%87%90%90%90%
Crime investigation and closure rate: Rape84%64.9%80%80%80%
Crime investigation and closure rate: Robbery44%37.1%40%40%40%
Crime investigation and closure rate: Aggravated Assaults64%59%65%65%65%
Crime investigation and closure rate: Burglary23%21%23%23%23%


  • The Investigative Services Bureau adjusted its internal policies and procedures in response to the opioid epidemic and now handles each overdose resulting in death as a homicide investigation. As a result, two drug suppliers were charged with the death they caused to a user and were federally prosecuted -- a clear message to opioid traffickers that Montgomery County will not tolerate their actions.
  • Fully implemented the Stop, Triage, Engage, Educate and Rehabilitate (STEER) Program, which deflects low-risk individuals with substance abuse disorders away from the criminal justice system and directly into community-based treatment.
  • Re-established the Community Engagement Division to maximize and enhance outreach and engagement efforts throughout the County. MCPD also hosted the first Hispanic Community Police Academy.
  • MCPD was awarded reaccreditation for the seventh time by Commission on Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation (CALEA), and the Crime Lab completed strenuous accreditation process through the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors (ASCLAD).

  • MCPD experienced numerous technological accomplishments within the last fiscal year:
    • Implemented a new Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system.
    • Transitioned to the FBI's National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) for crime reporting, the first agency in the State to undertake this effort.
    • Completed the rollout of body-worn cameras to all patrol officers.
    • Completed cross-training of Emergency Communications Center personnel under the implementation plan for consolidation.



  • The County's new Next Generation 911 service will begin in FY19, allowing the Emergency Communications Center to receive emergency communications in new ways, including by text and with pictures.
  • Implementation of enhanced gang investigative capabilities with the FY18 supplemental budget appropriation.
  • The Police Department plans to replace the County's interview room camera system with a more reliable product that will better integrate with footage collected from the body worn camera program.
  • Participation in the FBI's national use of force reporting pilot to demonstrate the Montgomery County Police Department's (MCPD) commitment to transparency and accountability.
  • Continue diversity initiatives, which includes expansion of the Cadet Program and a pilot initiative where a local high school offers a criminal justice program for students.
  • Increase the efficiency of emergency response by shifting the responsibility for animal-related emergency calls to the Animal Services Division during peak animal-related call times.
  • Add three additional School Resource Officers to work with the County's middle schools.
  • Add a detective to the Vice Unit.


Innovations and Productivity Improvements

  • Expanded the lab space of the Electronic Crimes Unit, providing state-of-the-art technology to process electronic evidence, which impacts all types of criminal activity.

  • Expanded the Automated School Bus Enforcement program to improve school bus safety.

  • The Montgomery County Public Safety Training Academy consolidated the functional and specialized training needed for all law enforcement officers and employs the use of technology and realistic scenario-based training to improve lesson delivery.


Collaboration and Partnerships

Vision Zero

Collaborated with the County Council, DOT, OEMHS, HHS, State Highway, Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission, the State Highway Administration, and several other associations, committees, and offices to develop the Vision Zero action plan.


County Council, Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Transportation, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

Family Justice Center

MCPD partners with other departments in the Family Justice Center to provide efficient and effective services to residents.


Department of Health and Human Services, Sheriff's Office, Non-Profits

Police Cadet Program

Partnership with Montgomery College to maintain the Montgomery County Police Cadet Program.


Montgomery College

Keeping Schools Safe

Partnership with the Montgomery County Public Schools, Sheriff's Office, and the Rockville and Gaithersburg Police Departments to provide a School Resource Officer (SRO) program and training related to critical incident response.


Sheriff's Office, Montgomery County Public Schools

Managed Search Operations, Emergency Services, and Emergency Response

Partnerships with Fire & Rescue include arson investigations, tactical medic program, and critical incident response training and support for Managed Search Operations Team incidents, Emergency Services Unit activities, and Emergency Response Team (ERT) incidents.


Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service

Addressing Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Partnerships with HHS, including Crisis Intervention Team, Project Lifesaver, the Opiate Overdose Response Program, and the Stop, Triage, Engage, Educate, and Rehabilitate (STEER) program.


Department of Health and Human Services

Keeping Seniors Safe Program

Partnership between the Montgomery County Commission on Aging and the MCPD Volunteer Resources Sections to administer the Keeping Seniors Safe program, which is designed to increase awareness of safety issues within the senior community and provide related guidance and resources to seniors in regard to these issues.



Preparedness for Large-scale Event

Enhanced training and collaboration with local, state, and federal public safety partners to improve preparedness for large-scale event.


Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service

Response to Bias & Hate

Expanded community partnerships through the Office of the Chief, including the African American, Asian, Hispanic, and Latino liaison committees, LGBTQ, and Interfaith community working group, to investigate and respond to the increase in the number of bias incidents.


Office of Human Rights, Non-Profits


Program Descriptions

  Office of the Chief

The Office of the Chief has responsibility for the overall management, direction, planning, and coordination of all Department of Police programs and operations. The Internal Affairs Division (IAD) is organizationally located in the Office of the Chief. The Department strives to maintain a relationship of trust and confidence with the...

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  Patrol Services

The Patrol Services Bureau (PSB) is responsible for providing direct police patrol services to the public through the six District Stations. Personnel provide initial response to incidents; identify crime, traffic, and community hot spots; and work in partnership with residents to solve problems of mutual concern. This bureau provides specially...

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  Field Services

The Field Services Bureau (FSB) is responsible for providing specialized services in several key service delivery functions, necessary for safely and effectively executing both routine and complex field operations. The FSB consists of the following divisions: the Special Operations Division, the Traffic Division, the Public Information Office, the Animal Services...

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  Investigative Services

The Investigative Services Bureau is the primary investigative branch for serious and violent crime in Montgomery County. Detectives are assigned to one of the four divisions in this Bureau and are responsible for investigations leading to the detection, identification, apprehension, and prosecution of persons responsible for committing serious crimes in...

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  Management Services

The Management Services Bureau provides crucial administrative and management support services to the Department and technical support to police operations through various types of technology, analysis, education, training, and maintenance of active and historical records and warrants. The Bureau is comprised of eight major divisions. The Management and Budget Division...

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Budget Trends
Program Contacts

Contact Neil Shorb of the Department of Police at 240.773.5237 or Richard H. Harris of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2795 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.

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Budget Summary
Salaries and Wages159307639.00170930542.00 167414239.00 174376900.002.0
Employee Benefits57911442.0058516492.00 58149431.00 60057183.002.6
County General Fund Personnel Costs217219081.00229447034.00 225563670.00 234434083.002.2
Operating Expenses41816629.0046027336.00 45290325.00 45439248.00-1.3
Capital Outlay419626.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
County General Fund Expenditures259455336.00275474370.00 270853995.00 279873331.001.6
Full-Time1828.001887.00 1887.00 1891.000.2
Part-Time186.00195.00 195.00 197.001.0
FTEs1886.751949.30 1949.30 1956.950.4
Emergency 9117415543.006745000.00 7000000.00 7000000.003.8
Health Inspection: Restaurants-1432.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Miscellaneous Revenues296630.00100000.00 150000.00 150000.0050.0
Other Charges/Fees1800600.001700000.00 1850000.00 1800000.005.9
Other Fines/Forfeitures1572613.002274500.00 2339910.00 2274500.000.0
Other Intergovernmental1057195.00250000.00 250000.00 250000.000.0
Other Licenses/Permits59400.0076300.00 76300.00 76300.000.0
Parking Fines795473.000.00 10500.00 10500.000.0
Pet Licenses302093.00759200.00 650000.00 650000.00-14.4
Photo Red Light Citations4361912.004600000.00 4600000.00 4600000.000.0
Speed Camera Citations17772633.0018750000.00 18750000.00 18985000.001.3
State Aid: Police Protection14081265.0014743832.00 14743832.00 14180847.00-3.8
Vehicle/Bike Auction Proceeds829789.00840000.00 900000.00 900000.007.1
County General Fund Revenues50343714.0050838832.00 51320542.00 50877147.000.1
Salaries and Wages452432.00126660.00 126660.00 97718.00-22.9
Employee Benefits57369.0021340.00 21340.00 50282.00135.6
Grant Fund - MCG Personnel Costs509801.00148000.00 148000.00 148000.000.0
Operating Expenses496340.0017000.00 17000.00 17000.000.0
Capital Outlay17569.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Grant Fund - MCG Expenditures1023710.00165000.00 165000.00 165000.000.0
Full-Time1.001.00 1.00 1.000.0
Part-Time0.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
FTEs1.001.00 1.00 1.000.0
Federal Grants378196.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Miscellaneous Revenues50294.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
State Grants587163.00165000.00 165000.00 165000.000.0
Grant Fund - MCG Revenues1015653.00165000.00 165000.00 165000.000.0
Total Expenditures260479046.00275639370.00 271018995.00 280038331.001.6
Total Full-Time Positions1829.001888.00 1888.00 1892.000.2
Total Part-Time Positions186.00195.00 195.00 197.001.0
Total FTEs1887.751950.30 1950.30 1957.950.4
Total Revenues51359367.0051003832.00 51485542.00 51042147.000.1
FY19 Approved Changes
Changes (with service impacts)
Add: Criminal Gang Unit Expansion Supplemental Impact in FY19 [Investigative Services]7119756.00
Add: Next Generation 911 Service [Management Services]3653770.00
Enhance: Physical Evidence Recovery Kit Testing [Investigative Services]3425000.00
Add: Three New School Resource Officers [Patrol Services]1829773.00
Enhance: Contractors for School Bus Camera Program [Field Services]1383060.00
Add: Social Worker III for Interventions on Police Calls [Field Services]945051.00
Enhance: Interview Room Camera System Upgrade [Management Services]730000.00
Add: One New Winter Class Recruit [Investigative Services]609921.00
Add: Crossing Guards for Richard Montgomery Elementary School #5 [Field Services]536190.60
Reduce: Contract Security [Field Services]-2796770.00
Reduce: Lapse Six Vacant Sworn Positions [Patrol Services]-10313390.00
Other Adjustments (with no service impacts)
Increase Cost: FY19 Compensation Adjustment63846000.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY18 Personnel Costs18757140.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY18 Operating Expenses1672320.00
Increase Cost: Printing and Mail133420.00
Technical Adj: Technical Adjustment to FTEs [Field Services]02.05
Decrease Cost: Motor Pool Adjustment-1446030.00
Decrease Cost: Replace Vacant Security Officer Positions With Contractors [Field Services]-313662-6.00
Decrease Cost: One-time Reduction in Operating Expenses-6190000.00
Decrease Cost: Elimination of One-Time Items Approved in FY18-9785240.00
Decrease Cost: Increase in Lapse Based on Analysis of Vacancies-11932010.00
Decrease Cost: Retirement Adjustment-15051720.00
FY19 APPROVED2798733311956.95
FY19 APPROVED1650001.00
Program Summary
Program NameFY18 APPR
Office of the Chief385069113.00228907212.00
Patrol Services115513356963.95115048710934.50
Field Services43608308293.6044260371285.20
Investigative Services39738552304.5039920930297.00
Management Services72928463375.2578519248429.25
Charges to Other Departments
Charged DepartmentCharged FundFY18
Emergency Management and Homeland SecurityGrant Fund1250000.701250000.70
Future Fiscal Impacts ($000s)
FY19 Approved279873.000000279873.000000279873.000000279873.000000279873.000000279873.000000
No inflation or compensation change is included in outyear projections.
Annualization of Positions Approved in FY190.000000159.000000159.000000159.000000159.000000159.000000
New positions in the FY19 budget are generally assumed to be filled at least two months after the fiscal year begins. Therefore, the above amounts reflect annualization of these positions in the outyears.
Elimination of One-Time Items Approved in FY190.000000-143.000000-143.000000-143.000000-143.000000-143.000000
Items recommended as one-time actions in FY19, including hardware costs for the new interview room camera system and operating expenses for both the new gang response positions and contractors for the school bus camera program, and equipment for four new sworn positions, will be eliminated from the base in the outyears.
FFI for School Bus Camera Contractors0.00000068.00000068.00000068.00000068.00000068.000000
Funding for the school bus camera program contractors covers 75% of FY19. This item represents the full year cost difference.
New Officer Positions Operating Expense0.00000061.00000061.00000061.00000061.00000061.000000
This item represents the operating expense of the three new School Resource Officers and the one new officer added to the Winter Class for the Vice Unit.
Restore One-Time Lapse Increase0.0000001030.0000001030.0000001030.0000001030.0000001030.000000
Restoration of one-time lapse adjustment in the budget development year
Restore One-time Reduction in Operating Expenses0.000000740.000000740.000000740.000000740.000000740.000000
Vehicles for New Positions0.000000193.0000000.0000000.0000000.0000000.000000
This item represents the cost of new vehicles for positions added in the FY19 budget (three marked, one unmarked).
Labor Contracts0.0000001752.0000001752.0000001752.0000001752.0000001752.000000
These figures represent the estimated annualized cost of general wage adjustments, service increments, and other negotiated items.
Subtotal Expenditures279873.000000283733.000000283540.000000283540.000000283540.000000283540.000000
Annualization of Personnel Costs and FTEs
TitleFY19 Approved FY20 Annualized
One New Winter Class Recruit437611.00835311.00
Three New School Resource Officers1312833.002505933.00
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