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The functions of the Public Health Services programs are to protect and promote the health and safety of County residents. This is accomplished by monitoring health status and implementing intervention strategies to contain or prevent disease (including bio-terrorism and emerging diseases); fostering public-private partnerships, which increase access to health services; developing and implementing programs and strategies to address health needs; providing individual and community level health education; evaluating the effectiveness of select programs and strategies; and licensing and inspecting facilities and institutions affecting public health and safety.

Program Descriptions

  Communicable Disease & Epidemiology

Communicable Disease and Epidemiology is responsible for investigations, management, and control of the spread of over 65 infectious diseases as stipulated by Maryland law, including: rabies; hepatitis A, B, and C; salmonellosis; measles; cholera; legionellosis; and Lyme disease. Emerging pathogens, such as Zika, are addressed with aggressive surveillance efforts and...

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  Tuberculosis Program

This program includes: testing persons for exposure to tuberculosis (TB), treating active cases, identifying persons at risk of developing TB, performing contact studies to determine who may have been exposed to an infectious person, and medication therapy. A treatment plan is developed for each diagnosed patient and the patient receives...

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  STD/HIV Prevention & Treatment Program

The Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)/Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Program provides diagnosis and treatment to those who have contracted STDs. Contacts of infected patients are confidentially notified and referred for treatment. HIV counseling and testing is provided, with referral for medical and psychosocial support services if the test is positive. The...

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  Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response Program

This program is responsible for the planning, readiness, and response activities of a public health emergency or bio-terrorism threat. Planning efforts are made in collaboration with the County Emergency Management Group; the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security; the Department of Fire and Rescue Service; the Police Department; hospitals;...

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  Health Care & Group Residential Services

This program inspects and licenses nursing homes, domiciliary homes (large assisted living facilities with less intensive care than nursing homes), and group homes serving children, elderly, and mentally ill to ensure compliance with County, State, and Federal laws and regulations. Staff responds to complaints and provides advice and consultations to...

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  Cancer & Tobacco Prevention

The Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation Program and the Cancer Prevention, Education, Screening and Treatment Program are two programs funded through the State Cigarette Restitution Fund. State funding supports coordination activities among community groups for outreach, screenings, education, and treatment. Each program has established coalitions consisting of public health partners,...

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  Women's Health Services

This program provides care coordination services for women and children in the Medical Assistance-managed care program. Referral services are provided for individuals with specific health issues (i.e., sexually transmitted diseases). Screening for early detection of breast cancer and cervical cancer including gynecological examinations, clinical breast examinations, mammograms, ultrasounds of the...

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  Chief Public Health

This program area provides leadership and direction for the administration of Public Health Services. Service area administration also includes Health Planning and Epidemiology, the Community Health Improvement Process (Healthy Montgomery) and Special Projects, as well as oversight for medical clinical volunteers, the Commission on Health, contracts, grants, and partnership development....

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  Health Promotion and Prevention

The program's mission is to provide health information to the community to help change attitudes and behaviors to improve the population health. The program develops and distributes health education materials and information to County residents, including HHS clients, that helps them prevent the onset of chronic diseases, and to practice...

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  Health Care for the Uninsured

This program area includes the Montgomery Cares, Care for Kids, and Maternity Partnership programs. Through public-private partnerships, these programs provide primary health care services for low-income uninsured children, adults, pregnant women, and the homeless, using private pediatricians, a network of safety net clinics, obstetricians, and hospitals, along with other health...

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  Community Health Services

Community Health Services provides preventive health access services to uninsured and underinsured populations, using a family-centered approach. Services include nurse case management and home visits to targeted populations such as pregnant women, pregnant and parenting teens, children up to one year of age, and at-risk infants. Other services include staffing...

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  Dental Services

This program provides dental services to promote oral health in five dental clinics. Services include instruction in preventive health practices, primary assessments, targeted dental services, and emergency services. Services are provided to income-eligible Montgomery County children, pregnant women, adults, and seniors....

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  Environmental Health Regulatory Services

This program issues permits for and inspects a variety of activities to protect the public health by ensuring that sanitation standards are met and maintained, and that there is minimal risk of injuries or spread of vector, food, and waterborne diseases in facilities licensed by the program. This program also...

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  School Health Services

This program provides health services to students in Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). These services include: first aid and emergency care; health appraisal; medication and treatment administration; health counseling, consultation, and education; referral for medical, psychological, and behavioral problems; case management for students with acute and chronic health conditions, and...

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Program Contacts

Contact Travis Gayles of the HHS - Public Health Services at 240.777.1211 or Joshua Watters of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2768 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.

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Program Summary
Program NameFY19 APPR
Cancer & Tobacco Prevention12412183.0012383755.40
Chief Public Health173882712.00162795411.00
Communicable Disease & Epidemiology181451814.50180293815.50
Health Care & Group Residential Services148837312.00148858912.00
Health Promotion and Prevention00.00168000.00
Public Health Emergency Preparedness & Response Program12854958.4012373818.40
STD/HIV Prevention & Treatment Program806734943.20801742142.40
Tuberculosis Program190840017.00184887714.25
Women's Health Services278281121.15267767521.25
Health Care for the Uninsured144195005.00148470374.00
Community Health Services477404042.60542471545.60
Dental Services287030116.00300870117.00
Environmental Health Regulatory Services369849931.00370688530.50
School Health Services28637867269.8930314798275.47