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Program Description

  Traffic Sign and Marking

This program provides for engineering investigations of citizen complaints about traffic signs, street names, pavement markings (centerline, lane lines, edge lines, crosswalks, raised pavement markers, etc.) and inadequate visibility at intersections. It also designs, reviews, and inspects traffic control plans for CIP road projects and for permit work performed in right-of-ways. This program includes fabrication and/or purchase of signs; installation and maintenance of all traffic and pedestrian signs and street name signs (including special advance street name signs); repair or replacement of damaged signs; installation and maintenance of all pavement markings; safety-related trimming of roadside foliage obstructing traffic control devices; and day-to-day management of the traffic materials and supplies inventory. This program is also responsible for the issuance of permits for use of County roads and rights-of-ways for special events such as parades, races, and block parties.

Program Contacts

Contact Fred Lees of the Department of Transportation at 240.777.2196 or Brady Goldsmith of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2793 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.


Program Budget Changes

FY21 Approved ChangesExpendituresFTEs
FY20 Approved232408310.77
Multi-program adjustments, including negotiated compensation changes, employee benefit changes, changes due to staff turnover, reorganizations, and other budget changes affecting multiple programs.-2324083-10.77
FY21 Approved00.00