Budget Year / Version:

Program Description


This NDA provides the funds necessary to lease privately owned real estate to accommodate County programs. Real property leased by the County includes office, warehouse, and retail space; child care space in schools; parking spaces; and space for communication antennas. Leasing property allows the County the flexibility to locate programs in the communities they serve and provides space for programs to operate when there is no County-owned space available. Further, it is an economical way to procure highly specialized, location-sensitive, and/or temporary space. For FY22, approximately 73 leased facilities are budgeted. The inventory of leases is constantly shifting as new leases are added and existing leases are terminated.

Program Contacts

Contact Lindsay Lucas of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2788 for more information regarding the operating budget for the Non-Departmental Accounts.


Program Budget Changes

FY22 Approved ChangesExpendituresFTEs
FY21 Approved227068950.00
Shift: End Chargebacks to Enterprise Funds for 255 Rockville Pike Lease46619030.00
Increase Cost: FY22 New Leases558780.00
Decrease Cost: Bethesda Metro Center Antenna Lease-177120.00
Decrease Cost: Net Maintenance Decrease for Leased Facilities-361820.00
Decrease Cost: Estimated Net Decrease of Facility Leases-2707910.00
Decrease Cost: 255 Rockville Pike Lease-82445170.00
FY22 Approved188554740.00