Budget Year / Version:

Program Description

  Warehouse Operations

This program involves management of the County's beverage alcohol warehouse and includes the purchase, receipt, and storage of over 35,000 different stock and special order items.

Program Contacts

Contact Courtney Orsini of the Department of Liquor Control at 240.777.1921 or Jennifer Nordin of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2779 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.


Program Performance Measures

Program Performance MeasuresActual FY16Actual FY17Estimated FY18Target FY19Target FY20
Inventory as a percent of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)14.615.615.515.515.5
Inventory as a Percent of DLC Sales10.711.411.511.511.5

Program Budget Changes

FY19 Approved ChangesExpendituresFTEs
FY18 Approved981967679.23
Decrease Cost: Warehouse Division Overtime-420100.00
Decrease Cost: Eliminate Full-Time Warehouse Worker Position-56998-1.00
Decrease Cost: Utilities Savings -1400000.00
Multi-program adjustments, including negotiated compensation changes, employee benefit changes, changes due to staff turnover, reorganizations, and other budget changes affecting multiple programs.-69046818.00
FY19 Approved889020096.23