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Program Description

  Housing Code Enforcement

This program enforces Chapter 26 of the County Code, Housing Maintenance, by inspecting rental condominiums, multi-family apartments, and single-family housing to ensure safe and sanitary conditions; Chapter 48, Solid Wastes; and Chapter 58, Weeds, the County's residential weeds and rubbish codes. Approximately 80 percent of the single-family inspections result from tenant and/or neighbor complaints; other inspections are the result of concentrated code enforcement efforts in specific areas. The multi-family inspections are based on a requirement for triennial inspections and in response to tenant and/or neighbor complaints. This program is supported by the collection of single-family and apartment/condominium licensing fees.

Program Contacts

Contact Pofen Salem of the Department of Housing and Community Affairs at 240.777.3728 or Anita Aryeetey of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2784 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.


Program Performance Measures

Program Performance MeasuresActual FY22Actual FY23Estimated FY24Target FY25Target FY26
Number of Housing Code Enforcement inspections 28,18541,14242,37643,64844,957
Housing Code Enforcement Program Customer Service - Number of MC311 Service Requests 10,2206,1076,2906,4796,673
Housing Code Enforcement Program Customer Service - Percent of MC311 Service Requests meeting service length agreement76.4%76.3%78.6%80.9%83.3%
Code Enforcement - Number of violations per unit2.122.242.312.382.45
Code Enforcement - Average severity of violations per unit

Program Budget Changes

FY25 Recommended ChangesExpendituresFTEs
FY24 Approved545419839.50
Add: Two Housing Code Inspectors and Associated Operating Expenses for Implementation of the Short-Term Residential Rental Program (Bill 22-23)3651092.00
Enhance: One Housing Code Inspector III Position to Meet County Mandates for the Re-inspection Program1503541.00
Decrease Cost: Miscellaneous Operating Expenses-161800.00
Multi-program adjustments, including negotiated compensation changes, employee benefit changes, changes due to staff turnover, reorganizations, and other budget changes affecting multiple programs.3715960.00
FY25 Recommended632507742.50