How do I download & print an individual section of the book?

To print an individual section of the Budget Book, simply select the department you wish to print, click the link under download & explore. This will open a printable pdf where you can print or save.

How do I print the entire Book?

Click on of the links below to download the printable version (pdf) of the entire book.

***Please only print the entire book if absolutely necessary. You can now print only the section you need***

How do I navigate through the Online Publication?

There are many ways to navigate through the site, you can start by clicking a particular section of the book you are interested in (for example, Libraries, Culture and Recreation), or you can use the table of contents to go directly to a specific department or agency. A Google powered search is also available for you to find anything on this site you are looking for. Just type ina keyword!

How do I use the table of contents?

Simply click on the table of contents link at the top of every page or scoll to the bottom. Then select the department or agency that you wish to view.

How do I use the Google Search?

Simply type in a keyword in the seach field and click the magnifying glass. This will search through the online publication (including previous years pdfs) and bring up the results.

How do I translate the Online Publication?

To translate the online publication, simply click the select language drop-down menu at the top, right-hand corner of each page. Then select the language you want to view the book in. ***NOTE: The print versions cannot be translated ***

How do I filter the tables on the Online Publication?

The tables in the report versions (non pdf) are searchable and sortable. Simply click the menu button in the column header to sort the column.

Where do I download the datasets, charts and visualizations that make up the Online Publication?

The datasets that make up the Online Publication can be found on each department page by clicking on the data link.

What is the difference between the recommended and approved versions of the book?

The Recommended version of the Book is the County Executive's Recommended Budget sent to the County Council in March. The Approved version is the County Council's Approved Budget passed at the end of May

I need to speak to someone about the Online Publication, who do I call?

Our MC311 Service Request Center is avalable to take your questions regarding the budget books. Simply call 240.777.0311 to speak to a Customer Service Representative. The call center is open Monday - Friday (7AM - 7PM). You can also put in a service request using the mc311 portal, which is available 24 X 7.

I am having trouble viewing the site, what can I do?

The Online Publication works on all modern browsers and devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablets. If you are having trouble viewing the site, you can upgrade your browser or download a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.

When do the new versions of the publications come out?

The Recommended Operating Budget will be available online each year on March 15th. The Approved Operating Budget will be available in July.

The pages load slow, is there anything I can do?

If you have a slower internet connection, the report page may download slow. In this case, you can simply click the printable version (pdf) which will download much faster

The language translations do not seem accurate.

The County currently uses “Google Translate”, a free, multilingual machine-translation service technology, to automatically translate County Web Portal pages. Google Translate is a cost effective and practical way to translate County Web pages. However, the machine generated Web page translations may, or may not, effectively convert the intended design, meaning, or context from one language to another. For example, some Web pages may not work or display as expected when translated. Therefore, the County cannot guarantee or claim responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of the machine translations. Any person that uses County Web pages in translated form, whether generated by Google Translate or by any other translation service, does so at that person’s own risk. The County is not responsible for any damages, costs, liability, or risk or issue associated with Web page translations. Furthermore, the County assumes no liability for any activities in connection with the Google Translate functionality or content. The County also reserves the right to discontinue the use of Google Translate on this Web Portal at any time.

Who produces the Budget Publication?

The Office of Management and Budget produces the Budget Publications each year.

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