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Mission Statement

The Community Engagement Cluster (CEC) builds stronger, informed, and inclusive communities. The Cluster strengthens Montgomery County's commitment to civic engagement and community service by engaging residents, organizations, businesses, and other community groups. The Cluster maximizes communities' assets - time, talents, and other resources - working collaboratively to address and resolve community issues.

Established in 2011, CEC is a combination of five Regional Services Centers, the Commission for Women, and the Office of Community Partnerships, including the Gilchrist Center and the Volunteer Center. As a cluster, these offices/functions have combined resources and support staff while retaining staff expertise and experience, as well as the objectives of the partner entities involved.


Budget Overview

The total approved FY24 Operating Budget for the Community Engagement Cluster is $8,742,913, an increase of $1,186,419 or 15.70 percent from the FY23 Approved Budget of $7,556,494. Personnel Costs comprise 68.15 percent of the budget for 36 full-time position(s) and 21 part-time position(s), and a total of 46.25 FTEs. Total FTEs may include seasonal or temporary positions and may also reflect workforce charged to or from other departments or funds. Operating Expenses account for the remaining 31.85 percent of the FY24 budget.

County Priority Outcomes

While this program area supports all eight of the County Result Areas, the following are emphasized:

  • Thriving Youth and Families
  • An Affordable, Welcoming County for a Lifetime
  • Effective, Sustainable Government


Program Performance Measures

Performance measures for this department are included below (where applicable), with multi-program measures displayed at the front of this section and program-specific measures shown with the relevant program. The FY23 estimates reflect funding based on the FY23 approved budget. The FY24 and FY25 figures are performance targets based on the FY24 approved budget and funding for comparable service levels in FY25.



  • Implement a robust legal immigration service referral and data collection system housed at the Gilchrist Immigrant Resource Center.
  • Increase engagement with multilingual communities through in-language community forums and meetings and in-language social media platforms including the County's Spanish Facebook and Spanish WhatsApp group.
  • All executive branch departments will develop and implement language access plans, centered around providing high-quality services to the County's multicultural and multilingual communities. Department action plans will include development of materials in simplified language and training to front-line staff regarding interpretation and translation standards.


Innovations and Productivity Improvements

  • The Commission for Women provided over 30 seminars to several hundred residents in 2022. The focus of the seminars is to enrich the lives of women and families by informing, educating, empowering, and supporting residents of the County.
  • The Commission for Women supported and provided leadership to the Montgomery County Human Trafficking Prevention Committee. During 2022, the Committee trained members of the community about human trafficking, including members of the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) system, faith groups, and non-profit organizations; supported statewide legislation providing additional protections to human trafficking victims; and assisted MCPS with updating their countywide human trafficking prevention curriculum.
  • The Commission for Women organized the 42nd Annual Women's Legislative Briefing in January 2022, with over 400 participants online.
  • The Office of Community Partnerships increased engagement with multilingual communities through in-language community forums and meetings, including the County's first Operating Budget forum in Chinese and the second budget forum in Spanish with simultaneous interpretation.
  • The Translation Unit completed translation requests from 17 County agencies in Amharic, Chinese, French, Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
  • The Office of Community Partnerships collaborated with the Department of Health and Human Services and Regional Services Centers to provide targeted, multilingual information and outreach on COVID-19 information and resources (vaccinations, testing, rent-relief), leading to Montgomery County being #1 in vaccination rates in the country for eligible residents in jurisdictions with more than 300,000 residents.
  • The Legal Services Coordinator supported the "Bienvenidos: Aqui para Ti" initiative led by the Department of Health and Human Services to coordinate legal education, screenings, consultations, wraparound services, and representation for unaccompanied migrant children, asylum seekers and/or families/sponsors. The weekly partnership established with MCPS' International Admissions and Enrollment Office provided legal resources to immigrant families.

Program Descriptions


The Administration for the Community Engagement Cluster (CEC) manages all aspects of the budget, procurement, financials, contracts/grants, personnel, information technology, daily operations, office space management, fleet management, historic file maintenance, and all administrative matters of the CEC units (Regional Services Centers; Commission for Women; Office of Community Partnerships, including the...

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  Community Partnership

The Office of Community Partnerships (OCP) is a bridge builder between the County's diverse communities and County government. Due to OCP's deep reach into communities, OCP worked closely with the Regional Service Center Directors to lead the County's 2020 Census Campaign. "Everyone Counts in Montgomery County" was a multifaceted campaign...

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  Regional Services Centers

The County has five Regional Services Centers: Bethesda-Chevy Chase, East County, Mid-County, Silver Spring, and Upcounty. The Regional Directors in each of the County's five regions work with their respective regional citizens advisory boards, residents, community groups, businesses, and other public agencies to proactively seek and gather information and assess...

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  Commission for Women

The Commission for Women's mission is to identify gender-based inequities in laws, policies, practices, procedures, and to advocate remedies by advising the public and local, state, and federal agencies on issues of concern to women, including organizing events relating to these issues. In addition, the Commission is responsible for providing...

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  Gilchrist Center

The Charles W. Gilchrist Center for Cultural Diversity is the County's Welcome Center for newcomers and builds the network of immigrant service providers in the County. The Center offers various immigrant integration services at multiple locations throughout the County that prepare residents to contribute to our economy and our community....

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Budget Trends
Program Contacts

Contact Yvette Torres of the Community Engagement Cluster at 240.777.8044 or Eva Acevedo of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2763 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.

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Budget Summary
Salaries and Wages3461481.004273470.00 3723825.00 4452242.004.2
Employee Benefits947982.001290256.00 1083658.00 1441456.0011.7
County General Fund Personnel Costs4409463.005563726.00 4807483.00 5893698.005.9
Operating Expenses590616.001919323.00 2031328.00 2774215.0044.5
County General Fund Expenditures5000079.007483049.00 6838811.00 8667913.0015.8
Full-Time31.0034.00 34.00 35.002.9
Part-Time20.0020.00 20.00 21.005.0
FTEs41.1044.27 44.27 45.753.3
Commission for Women Fees1026.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Facility Rental Fees3563.0010500.00 10500.00 10500.000.0
Parking Fees-8280.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
County General Fund Revenues-3691.0010500.00 10500.00 10500.000.0
Salaries and Wages66599.0049536.00 49536.00 51886.004.7
Employee Benefits15165.0013296.00 13296.00 12501.00-6.0
Grant Fund - MCG Personnel Costs81764.0062832.00 62832.00 64387.002.5
Operating Expenses996505.0010613.00 10613.00 10613.000.0
Grant Fund - MCG Expenditures1078269.0073445.00 73445.00 75000.002.1
Full-Time1.001.00 1.00 1.000.0
Part-Time0.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
FTEs0.650.48 0.48 0.504.2
Federal Grants1097666.0073445.00 73445.00 75000.002.1
State Grants59598.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Grant Fund - MCG Revenues1157264.0073445.00 73445.00 75000.002.1
Total Expenditures6078348.007556494.00 6912256.00 8742913.0015.7
Total Full-Time Positions32.0035.00 35.00 36.002.9
Total Part-Time Positions20.0020.00 20.00 21.005.0
Total FTEs41.7544.75 44.75 46.253.4
Total Revenues1153573.0083945.00 83945.00 85500.001.9
FY24 Approved Changes
Changes (with service impacts)
Enhance: Language Access Policy Consultant [Community Partnership]500000.00
Enhance: One Part-Time Spanish Translation Specialist [Community Partnership]496130.50
Enhance: Neighborhood Events Matching Funds Grant Program [Regional Services Centers]250000.00
Enhance: Language Access Training [Community Partnership]200000.00
Reduce: Other Professional Services Cost [Community Partnership]-846360.00
Other Adjustments (with no service impacts)
Shift: Emerging Business District Grants From the Community Grants Non-Departmental Account to the Community Engagement Cluster's Base Budget [Administration]6000000.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY23 Compensation Increases2021720.00
Increase Cost: FY24 Compensation Adjustment1974800.00
Shift: Community Grants From the Community Grants Non-Departmental Account to the Community Engagement Cluster's Base Budget [Community Partnership]1446120.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY23 Lapsed Positions1100480.00
Increase Cost: Three Percent Inflationary Adjustment to Non-Profit Service Provider Contracts [Administration]356650.00
Increase Cost: Interpreters and Interpretation Equipment [Community Partnership]300000.00
Increase Cost: Human Trafficking Prevention Committee [Commission for Women]250000.00
Increase Cost: Commission for Women Internship Stipends [Commission for Women]100000.00
Increase Cost: Printing and Mail26510.00
Technical Adj: Shift FTEs from General Fund to Grant Fund [Community Partnership]0-0.02
Technical Adj: Conversion of Contractual Support [Community Partnership]01.00
Decrease Cost: Elimination of One-Time Items Approved in FY23-34000.00
Decrease Cost: Retirement Adjustment-65200.00
Decrease Cost: Annualization of FY23 Personnel Costs-727560.00
Re-align: One-time Budget Adjustment to Reflect Higher Than Expected Vacant Positions-1500650.00
FY24 APPROVED866791345.75
Other Adjustments (with no service impacts)
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY23 Personnel Costs15550.00
Technical Adj: Shift FTEs to Grant Fund from General Fund [Community Partnership]00.02
FY24 APPROVED750000.50
Program Summary
Program NameFY23 APPR
Commission for Women2963602.003629822.00
Community Partnership383589120.00471901021.75
Gilchrist Center8279987.758411467.50
Regional Services Centers176585910.00190934810.00
Funding Parameter Items ($000s)
FY24 Approved8668.0000008668.0000008668.0000008668.0000008668.0000008668.000000
No inflation or compensation change is included in outyear projections.
Annualization of Positions Approved in FY240.00000014.00000014.00000014.00000014.00000014.000000
New positions in the FY24 budget are generally assumed to be filled at least two months after the fiscal year begins. Therefore, the above amounts reflect annualization of these positions in the outyears.
Elimination of One-Time Items Approved in FY240.000000-79.000000-79.000000-79.000000-79.000000-79.000000
Items recommended for one-time funding in FY24, including interpretation equipment and funding for a language access policy consultant and training, will be eliminated from the base in the outyears.
Restore One-Time Lapse Increase0.000000150.000000150.000000150.000000150.000000150.000000
Restores in FY25 the one-time lapse increase made in the FY24 budget.
Labor Contracts0.000000196.000000196.000000196.000000196.000000196.000000
These figures represent the estimated annualized cost of general wage adjustments, service increments, and other negotiated items.
Subtotal Expenditures8668.0000008950.0000008950.0000008950.0000008950.0000008950.000000