The Public Services Program and Operating Budget

The Montgomery County Charter (Section 302) requires the County Executive to submit an annual comprehensive six-year program for public services and fiscal policy called the Public Services Program (PSP).

The PSP includes:

  • a statement of program objectives,
  • recommended levels of public service,
  • an estimate of costs over the six-year period,
  • a statement of revenue sources,
  • estimated impact of the PSP on County revenues and the capital budget, and 
  • projection of revenues and expenditures for all functions of the County Government.

The Charter requires that the annual budget, submitted in conjunction with the PSP, be consistent with the six-year program. A detailed description of the PSP along with six-year projections for all funds and for selected programs may be found in the relevant sections of this budget document along with more specific information on programs, expenditures, and revenues. These PSP documents address each of the PSP areas described above and summarizes the PSP across tax supported funds.