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Mission Statement

The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC Water) is a bi-county governmental agency established in 1918 by an Act of the Maryland General Assembly. It is charged with the responsibility of providing water and sanitary sewer service within the Washington Suburban Sanitary District, which includes most of Montgomery and Prince George's Counties. In Montgomery County, only the Town of Poolesville and portions of the City of Rockville are outside of the District.



WSSC Water's proposed budget is not detailed in this document. The Commission's full budget can be obtained from WSSC Water's Budget Group at the WSSC Water Headquarters Building, 14501 Sweitzer Lane, Laurel, Maryland 20707 (301.206.8000) or from their website at https://www.wsscwater.com/budget.

Prior to January 15 of each year, the Commission prepares preliminary proposed capital and operating budgets for the next fiscal year. On or before February 15, the Commission conducts public hearings in both counties. WSSC Water then prepares and submits the proposed capital and operating budgets to the County Executives of Montgomery and Prince George's Counties by March 1.

By March 15 of each year, the County Executives of Montgomery and Prince George's Counties are required by law to transmit the proposed budgets, recommendations on the proposed budgets, and the record of the public hearings held by WSSC Water to their respective County Councils.

Each County Council may hold public hearings on WSSC Water's proposed operating and capital budgets, but no earlier than 21 days after receipt from the County Executive. Each County Council may add to, delete from, increase, or decrease any item in either budget. Additionally, each Council is required by law to transmit by May 15 any proposed changes to the other County Council for review and concurrence. The failure of both Councils to concur on changes constitutes approval of the item as originally proposed by WSSC Water. Should the Councils fail to approve the budgets on or before June 1 of any given year, WSSC Water's proposed budgets are adopted.

Accomplishments and Initiatives
  • Operating and maintaining a system of three reservoirs impounding 14 billion gallons of water, two water filtration plants, six water resource recovery facilities, 6,000 miles of water mains, and over 5,700 miles of sewer mains, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Treating or delivering 163 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) of water to over 475,000 customer accounts in a manner that meets or exceeds the Safe Drinking Water Act standards.
  • Restoring normal service within 24 hours from when the agency is notified of an emergency, and to limit time a customer is without water service to less than 6 hours.
  • Increasing the Customer Assistance Program (CAP) to $2.2 million in FY23 from $2.1 million in FY22 to help those that continue to be economically impacted by the COVID pandemic. To date, CAP has assisted more than 15,500 customers.
Spending Control Limits

The spending control limits process requires that the two counties set annual ceilings on WSSC Water's water and sewer rate increases and on debt (bonded indebtedness as well as debt service) and then adopt corresponding limits on the size of the capital and operating budgets. The two councils must not approve capital and operating budgets in excess of the approved spending control limits unless a majority of each council votes to approve them. If the two councils cannot agree on expenditures above the spending control limits, they must approve budgets within these limits. The following table shows the FY23 spending control limits adopted by the Montgomery and Prince George's County Councils, compared to the spending control results projected under WSSC Water's Proposed FY23 Budget and under the County Executive's Recommended Budget for WSSC Water. The Commission's Proposed Budget complies with all of the spending control limits approved by the two County Councils except for the Total Water and Sewer Operating Expenses which are slightly higher than the approved ceiling. These additional operating costs will be recouped with additional miscellaneous fee income.

County Executive Recommendations

Operating Budget

The County Executive recommends that WSSC Water's proposed FY23 budget be approved with a water and sewer rate increase of 6.5 percent in FY23 consistent with the County Council's FY23 Spending Affordability Guidelines.

Capital Budget

The County Executive recommended the WSSC Water FY23-28 Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budget be approved as submitted by the Commission.

FY23 fiscal projections for all funds and budgets are shown below.

Budget Trends
Program Contacts

Contact Letitia Carolina-Powell of the WSSC Water at 301.206.8379 or Rafael Pumarejo Murphy of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2775 for more information regarding this agency's operating budget.

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