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Mission Statement

The State's Attorney's Office is a constitutionally created independent agency. The mission of the State's Attorney's Office is to serve the public interest through the fair and honest administration of justice by exercising its responsibilities to: prosecute criminal violations in Montgomery County, educate the public with regard to criminal justice issues, provide training to lawyers for future service, address inequality and promote fairness in the criminal justice system, ensure access to the criminal justice system, promote professional relations with judges and attorneys, and further the efficient use of criminal justice resources.


Budget Overview

The total approved FY22 Operating Budget for the State's Attorney's Office is $19,280,707, an increase of $487,948 or 2.60 percent from the FY21 Approved Budget of $18,792,759. Personnel Costs comprise 95.92 percent of the budget for 148 full-time position(s) and nine part-time position(s), and a total of 153.85 FTEs. Total FTEs may include seasonal or temporary positions and may also reflect workforce charged to or from other departments or funds. Operating Expenses account for the remaining 4.08 percent of the FY22 budget.

Consistent with the County Charter, the County Executive makes recommendations on the operating budget for all County departments, offices, and agencies. However, recognizing the Charter-defined roles, the Executive defers significantly to Legislative and Judicial Branch agencies. Questions regarding the approved budgets for Judicial Branch departments should be directed to Lisa Russo, 240-777-7407.

County Priority Outcomes

While this program area supports all eight of the County Result Areas, the following is emphasized:

  • Safe Neighborhoods


Program Performance Measures

Performance measures for this department are included below (where applicable), with multi-program measures displayed at the front of this section and program-specific measures shown with the relevant program. The FY21 estimates reflect funding based on the FY21 approved budget. The FY22 and FY23 figures are performance targets based on the FY22 approved budget and funding for comparable service levels in FY23.


Innovations and Productivity Improvements

  • State's Attorney's Office Information Technology staff developed and implemented an online Discovery Request Application in SharePoint for attorneys and administrative staff to request discovery material through a secure site. Some of the key benefits include the following:

    • Provides the Discovery Unit with a complete and accurate information needed for each request.
    • Provides each requester with a complete list of their discovery request.
    • Provides a real-time status dashboard of each requestor's discovery request. The application will also provide email notifications to the requestor as well as anyone else who is identified within the request.
    • Built in workflow that will allow the application to provide email notifications to upper management when requests are designated as a rush, not assigned, or not completed within a specific timeframe.
    • Provide accurate statistics for identifying future resources and staff.
    • Allow for future automation to request evidence through the application for such items as 911 dispatch calls, police crime scene photographs, and circuit court transcript request.

    This site has increased efficiency and reduced errors while providing discovery in a timely manner. It has been particularly helpful as the office continues remote operation.

  • Overcome logistical obstacles in providing Court Support to attorneys in the midst of a global pandemic including creating multiple departmental SharePoint sites to assists attorneys and staff in group collaboration tasks as well as the ability to share all documents and files.

Program Descriptions


Staff provides central services in areas of budget, personnel, automated systems management, general office management, and public information. In addition, staff coordinates efforts and initiatives with other criminal justice agencies....

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  Prosecution Management

Prosecution Management staff coordinate case loads; schedule docket assignments; receive visitors; direct phone calls; and enter and audit data in the Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) for the Circuit, District, and Juvenile Courts....

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  Circuit Court Prosecution

The Circuit Court Prosecution program reviews cases for possible filing in the Circuit Court by presenting these cases to the Grand Jury for indictment or filing a Circuit Court information (charging document). After charges are filed, the State's Attorney's Office litigates these cases to disposition. Senior Assistant State's Attorneys provide...

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  Major Fraud and Special Investigations

The Major Fraud and Special Investigations Division investigates allegations of complex financial crimes such as real estate and other business investment fraud schemes for which the Police Department is unable to provide investigative resources. The division also investigates allegations of thefts involving attorneys stealing from clients, financial exploitation of elderly...

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  Victim/Witness Court Assistance

This program assists victims in criminal cases that have been designated as "victim-intensive" by virtue of the vulnerability of the victim or the type of crime. Victims receive direct court assistance from a Victim/Witness Coordinator. The coordinator guides the victim through the judicial process, provides assistance where necessary, and makes...

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  District Court Prosecution

The District Court Prosecution program prosecutes criminal cases including misdemeanor arrests, citizen complaints, and serious or incarcerable traffic offenses. The State's Attorney's Office has also implemented a Domestic Violence docket in District Court to ensure that assault cases of a domestic nature and violations of protective orders are given special...

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  District Court Screening and Mediation

The District Court Screening program resolves cases before the trial date by contacting victims and witnesses to determine what outcome they would like to obtain from the criminal justice system. This program relies on volunteers and is supervised by permanent staff. It provides victim/witness assistance by delivering information about the...

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  Juvenile Court Prosecution

The Juvenile Court Prosecution program prosecutes criminal violations committed by juvenile offenders in Montgomery County and performs a preliminary review of all cases in which a juvenile is charged with a violent crime. This includes cases which have been reviewed by the Juvenile Services Administration and then referred to the...

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Budget Trends
Program Contacts

Contact Lisa Russo of the State's Attorney's Office at 240.777.7407 or Lindsay Lucas of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2766 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.

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Budget Summary
Salaries and Wages13767640.0013463972.00 13665025.00 14121061.004.9
Employee Benefits4371204.004278923.00 3972178.00 4101594.00-4.1
County General Fund Personnel Costs18138844.0017742895.00 17637203.00 18222655.002.7
Operating Expenses926003.00778138.00 581034.00 786326.001.1
Capital Outlay12702.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
County General Fund Expenditures19077549.0018521033.00 18218237.00 19008981.002.6
Full-Time143.00144.00 144.00 144.000.0
Part-Time10.008.00 8.00 8.000.0
FTEs150.98151.18 151.18 151.150.0
Federal Grants159919.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Miscellaneous Revenues1053.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Other Charges/Fees2900.003500.00 3000.00 3000.00-14.3
County General Fund Revenues163872.003500.00 3000.00 3000.00-14.3
Salaries and Wages220348.00201293.00 201293.00 200443.00-0.4
Employee Benefits55584.0070433.00 70433.00 71283.001.2
Grant Fund - MCG Personnel Costs275932.00271726.00 271726.00 271726.000.0
Operating Expenses40735.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Grant Fund - MCG Expenditures316667.00271726.00 271726.00 271726.000.0
Full-Time4.004.00 4.00 4.000.0
Part-Time1.001.00 1.00 1.000.0
FTEs2.872.67 2.67 2.701.1
Federal Grants216628.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
State Grants100039.00271726.00 271726.00 271726.000.0
Grant Fund - MCG Revenues316667.00271726.00 271726.00 271726.000.0
Total Expenditures19394216.0018792759.00 18489963.00 19280707.002.6
Total Full-Time Positions147.00148.00 148.00 148.000.0
Total Part-Time Positions11.009.00 9.00 9.000.0
Total FTEs153.85153.85 153.85 153.850.0
Total Revenues480539.00275226.00 274726.00 274726.00-0.2
FY22 Approved Changes
Other Adjustments (with no service impacts)
Increase Cost: FY21 Compensation Adjustment6094710.00
Increase Cost: FY22 Compensation Adjustment2563360.00
Increase Cost: Salary Plan [Circuit Court Prosecution]858450.00
Increase Cost: Motor Pool Adjustment76430.00
Increase Cost: Print and Mail Adjustment5450.00
Technical Adj: Reallocation of Drug Court Grant Funding [Circuit Court Prosecution]0-0.01
Technical Adj: Reallocation of Victims of Crimes Act Grant FTEs [Administration]00.02
Technical Adj: Reallocation of Gun Violence Reduction Grant FTEs [Administration]0-0.01
Technical Adj: Shift of FTEs from General Fund to Grant Fund [Victim/Witness Court Assistance]0-0.02
Technical Adj: Reallocation of FTEs for Violence Against Women Act Grant [District Court Prosecution]0-0.01
Decrease Cost: Retirement Adjustment-446190.00
Decrease Cost: Lapse Program Manager Position [Prosecution Management]-1572500.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY21 Personnel Costs-2700230.00
FY22 APPROVED19008981151.15
Other Adjustments (with no service impacts)
Technical Adj: Reallocation of Victims of Crimes Act Grant [Administration]0-0.02
Technical Adj: Reallocation of Gun Violence Reduction Grant FTEs [Administration]00.01
Technical Adj: Reallocation of Drug Court Grant Funding [Circuit Court Prosecution]00.01
Technical Adj: Reallocation of FTEs [Victim/Witness Court Assistance]00.02
Technical Adj: Reallocation of FTEs for Violence Against Women Act Grant [District Court Prosecution]00.01
FY22 APPROVED2717262.70
Program Summary
Program NameFY21 APPR
Circuit Court Prosecution858114164.75911518664.75
District Court Prosecution263368225.13268316025.12
District Court Screening and Mediation150088813.50152768913.50
Juvenile Court Prosecution214525917.50214109217.50
Major Fraud and Special Investigations5354125.005367155.00
Prosecution Management121505110.00109156910.00
Victim/Witness Court Assistance5457245.215494005.23
Charges to Other Departments
Charged DepartmentCharged FundFY21
PoliceGeneral Fund1561661.001561281.00
Funding Parameter Items ($000s)
FY22 Approved19009.00000019009.00000019009.00000019009.00000019009.00000019009.000000
No inflation or compensation change is included in outyear projections.
Labor Contracts0.000000407.000000407.000000407.000000407.000000407.000000
These figures represent the estimated annualized cost of general wage adjustments, service increments, and other negotiated items.
Subtotal Expenditures19009.00000019416.00000019416.00000019416.00000019416.00000019416.000000