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Program Description

  Office of Broadband Programs and Infrastructure Modernization

The Office of Broadband Programs (OBP) is responsible for Countywide broadband governance, planning, implementation, and operations; encouraging broadband related economic development; and enabling digital equity initiatives. This Office leads the County Executive's ultraMontgomery initiative; manages the County's cable television and telecommunications franchise agreements and the Cable Special Revenue Fund; ensures that consumer cable and broadband services are of high quality; ensures that communication providers comply with safety and construction codes; enforces cable and broadband customer service requirements; promotes community and civic engagement through Public, Educational, and Government (PEG) programming utilizing multi-media platforms; and manages the County's FiberNet fiber optic network and related broadband services. FiberNet is the County's critical infrastructure communications network that enables all email, video, Internet access, and Cloud services, and supports County voice telephony, access to County business systems, County e-payments and forms, transport of public safety communications, and broadband and networking for MCPS, MC, HOC, M-NCPPC, and WSSC Water. As a result of the FY22 TEBS reorganization which consolidates infrastructure initiatives and management, OBP will now also lead the following programs:

The Infrastructure Modernization program designs, implements, and maintains a secure and reliable data center, server and cloud infrastructures for over 600 County business systems and approximately 12,000 County users, including ongoing patching and remediation of the servers to maintain and improve functionality and security. Infrastructure Modernization manages the infrastructure for enterprise-wide systems for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), MC311, MCTime and the Public Safety (911) Data System. This includes operating and managing the following enterprise systems - data centers, loud-based solutions, identity management systems, file and print systems, records management systems, and office productivity/collaboration.

The Telecommunication Solutions program provides integrated communications services and solutions for County government departments and agencies, including MC311. Telecommunication Solutions is responsible for the programming, operation, and maintenance of the County's telephone system and related services such as voicemail, automatic call distribution (ACD). Radio Communications Services is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the County's 800 MHZ radio and mobile communications systems and infrastructures which largely support public safety departments.

Program Contacts

Contact Michele Crane of the Department of Technology and Enterprise Business Solutions at 240.777.2845 or Julie Knight of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.277.2760 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.


Program Performance Measures

Program Performance MeasuresActual FY20Actual FY21Estimated FY22Target FY23Target FY24
Number of telecom service requests1,9201,5001,5001,4001,400
Average number of workdays to complete telecom service requests10.
Percent of time public safety radio system is fully operational100.00%98.90%98.90%98.90%98.90%

Program Budget Changes

FY23 Approved ChangesExpendituresFTEs
FY22 Approved1566143959.50
Shift: FiberNet Infrastructure from the Cable Fund13912620.00
Replace: Funding for OBP Programs funded by ARPA in FY22 to the General Fund, Including ARPA Funded Programs in the Cable Fund12000000.00
Shift: FiberNet Network Operations Center from the Cable Fund to TEBS9100000.00
Increase Cost: 800 MHz Trunked Radio System Maintenance5673270.00
Shift: Operating Expenses from the Cable Fund CIP to TEBS3330000.00
Increase Cost: Transfer Two Positions Previously Charged to the FiberNet CIP Project to the General Fund2692082.00
Increase Cost: Premier One CAD Upgrade Annual Maintenance970000.00
Increase Cost: CAD Software Maintenance700080.00
Increase Cost: Online RMS User - eJustice Software Maintenance182330.00
Increase Cost: Fortinet/Fortigate Firewall60000.00
Increase Cost: NetMotion Mobility and Diagnostics Clients Renewal28580.00
Technical Adj: Shift Daily Rental Motor Pool from the Office of Broadband Programs to the Chief Information Officer Program-40000.00
Shift: Digital Equity to the Cable Fund-1823400.00
Shift: Montgomery Connects Digital Equity Programs to the Cable Fund-300941-1.00
Technical Adj: Realignment of FY22 Reorganization Changes-602540-3.00
Multi-program adjustments, including negotiated compensation changes, employee benefit changes, changes due to staff turnover, reorganizations, and other budget changes affecting multiple programs.-6769190.00
FY23 Approved1875959557.50