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This project provides for the systematic replacement of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, automated temperature controls, and plumbing systems for MCPS facilities. This replacement approach is based on indoor environmental quality (IEQ), energy performance, and maintenance data. Qualifying systems and/or components are selected based on the above criteria and are prioritized within the CIP through a rating system formula. MCPS is participating in interagency planning and review to share successful and cost effective approaches. The Indoor Air Quality and Energy Conservation projects are now merged with this project to better reflect the coordination of work performed. The work-years reflected in this project are from that merger. An FY 2020 appropriation was approved to continue this level of effort project to address mechanical system upgrades and/or replacements of systems at various schools throughout MCPS. An FY 2021 appropriation was requested for mechanical systems upgrades and/or replacements for Clarksburg, Brookhaven, Meadow Hall, and Ronald McNair elementary schools and the fourth phase of Quince Orchard High School. However, due to fiscal constraints, the County Council reduced the FY2021 appropriation by $9 million less than the Board of Education's request. Therefore, the list shown above will be aligned with the approved funding level for FY2021. An FY 2022 appropriation and amendment to the FY2021-2026 CIP was approved to reinstate expenditures in FY 2022 that were removed as part of the adopted FY2021-2026 CIP. In addition, the Board of Education's requested amended CIP included the FY 2021 supplemental appropriation of $3.0 million to address Covid-19 related indoor air quality and HVAC enhancements, that was approved by the County Council. The approved FY 2022 appropriation and amendment will address mechanical system upgrades and/or replacements of schools systemwide. An FY 2023 appropriation was approved for mechanical systems upgrades and/or replacements at various schools throughout the county. However, the County Council, in the adopted FY2023-2028 CIP decreased expenditures in FY2023, therefore, the number of projects to be completed will be reduced to align with the approved expenditures. Implementation of this program will also be based on implications of construction cost increases and supply chain interruptions. An FY 2024 appropriation and amendment to the FY 2023-2028 CIP is requested to address the backlog of HVAC projects and provide additional funding due to the impact on construction costs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.




Budget Snapshot
$255.22M Total
$129.5M 6 Year Total


Master Plan for School Facilities, Department of Environmental Protection, Department of Health and Human Services, American Lung Association, County Government, Interagency Committee--Energy and Utilities Management, MCPS Resource Conservation Plan, County Code 8-14a
FY 2023 -- Salaries and Wages: $253K, Fringe Benefits: $107K, Workyears: 3 FY2024-2028 -- Salaries and Wages: $1.3M, Fringe Benefits: $567K, Workyears: 15

Fiscal Note

Reflects MCPS correction for funding allocations prior to FY19. FY20 supplemental in State Aid for $367,850 from the Maryland's Healthy Schools Facility Fund. FY21 supplemental in Recordation Tax for the amount of $3,000,000 to enhance the HVAC systems and improve indoor air quality to support COVID-19 recovery planning. FY23 State Aid award for $19.250 million for multiple years.


Expenditures will continue indefinitely. MCPS asserts that this project conforms to the requirement of relevant local plans, as required by the Maryland Economic Growth, Resource Protection and Planning Act.
Budget Snapshot
$255.22M Total
$129.5M 6 Year Total
Project Details
Project NumberP816633
Date Last Modified03/24/23
Administering AgencyPublic Schools
CategoryMontgomery County Public Schools
Planning AreaCountywide
Total Expenditures by Cost Element (000s)
Total Funding by Source (000s)
Cost ElementsTotalThru FY22Rem FY22Total 6 YearsFY 23FY 24FY 25FY 26FY 27FY 28Beyond 6 Years
Planning, Design and Supervision40800126506450217003200570035003100310031000
Site Improvements and Utilities00000000000
Total Expenditures25521987929377901295002000035000190001850018500185000
FUNDING (000s)
Funding SourceTotalThru FY22Rem FY22Total 6 YearsFY 23FY 24FY 25FY 26FY 27FY 28Beyond 6 Years
Current Revenue: General00000000000
G.O. Bonds1712167812711489816001260021350122501180011800118000
Recordation Tax30003000000000000
State Aid810036802263014790074001365067506700670067000
Total Funding Sources25521987929377901295002000035000190001850018500185000
Appropriation FY 23 Request20000
Year First AppropriationFY81
Appropriation FY 24 Request35000
Last FY's Cost Estimate245219
Cumulative Appropriation145719
Expenditure / Encumbrances0
Unencumbered Balance145719
Partial Closeout 64581
Total Partial Closeout645810