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Project NameProject #Sub Category
Anacostia #2 WWPS UpgradesP382204Sewerage Bi-County
Blue Plains WWTP: Biosolids Mgmt PT2P954812Sewerage Bi-County
Blue Plains WWTP: Liquid Train PT 2P954811Sewerage Bi-County
Blue Plains WWTP:Plant Wide ProjectsP023805Sewerage Bi-County
Blue Plains: Pipelines and AppurtenancesP113804Sewerage Bi-County
Land & Rights-of-Way Acquisition - Bi-County (S)P163800Sewerage Bi-County
Piscataway WRRF Bio-Energy ProjectP063808Sewerage Bi-County
Septage Discharge Facility Planning & Implement.P103802Sewerage Bi-County
Trunk Sewer Reconstruction ProgramP113805Sewerage Bi-County
Arcola WWPS & FMP382301Sewerage Montgomery County
Ashford Woods WWPS & FMP382304Sewerage Montgomery County
Clarksburg Wastewater Pumping Station P173802Sewerage Montgomery County
Damascus Town Center WWPS ReplacementP382002Sewerage Montgomery County
Erickson Bethesda Sewer MainP382305Sewerage Montgomery County
Johns Hopkins Medical Research Park Sewer MainP382401Sewerage Montgomery County
Milestone Center Sewer Main P173804Sewerage Montgomery County
Reddy Branch WWPS & FMP382302Sewerage Montgomery County
Rose Village Sewer MainP382402Sewerage Montgomery County
Sam Rice Manor WWPS & FMP382303Sewerage Montgomery County
Shady Grove Neighborhood CenterP382102Sewerage Montgomery County
Shady Grove Station Sewer AugmentationP063806Sewerage Montgomery County
Spring Gardens WWPS ReplacementP382003Sewerage Montgomery County
Viva White Oak Sewer MainP382203Sewerage Montgomery County
I-495/I-270 Traffic Relief Plan Pipeline RelocationsP382306Water Bi-County
Land & Rights-of-Way Acquisition - Bi-CountyP983857Water Bi-County
Large Diameter Water Pipe Rehabilitation ProgramP113803Water Bi-County
Patuxent Raw Water PipelineP063804Water Bi-County
Potomac WFP Consent Decree ProgramP173801Water Bi-County
Potomac WFP Main Zone PipelineP133800Water Bi-County
Potomac WFP Submerged Channel IntakeP033812Water Bi-County
Regional Water Supply ResiliencyP382101Water Bi-County
Pleasant's Property Water Main ExtensionP382201Water Montgomery County
Viva White Oak Water MainP382202Water Montgomery County
White Oak Water Mains AugmentationP382001Water Montgomery County
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