Budget Year / Version:
Project NameProject #
21st Century Library Enhancements Level Of EffortP711503
Acquisition: Local ParksP767828
Acquisition: Non-Local ParksP998798
ADA Compliance: Local ParksP128701
ADA Compliance: Non-Local ParksP128702
ADA Compliance: CollegeP936660
ADA Compliance: MCPSP796235
ADA Compliance: TransportationP509325
Advance ReforestationP500112
Advanced Transportation Management SystemP509399
Affordable Housing Acquisition and PreservationP760100
Ag Land Pres EasementsP788911
All Eastern MS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP116500
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): ComplianceP361107
Apparatus Replacement ProgramP451504
Asbestos Abatement: MCGP508728
Asbestos Abatement: MCPSP816695
Ballfield InitiativesP008720
Bi-County Water TunnelP934855
Bicycle-Pedestrian Priority Area ImprovementsP501532
Bikeway Program Minor Projects P507596
Blue Plains WWTP: Biosolids Mgmt PT2P954812
Blue Plains WWTP: Enhanced Nutrient RemovalP083800
Blue Plains WWTP: Liquid Train PT 2P954811
Blue Plains WWTP:Plant Wide ProjectsP023805
Blue Plains: Pipelines and AppurtenancesP113804
BRAC Bicycle and Pedestrian FacilitiesP501000
Bridge DesignP509132
Bridge Preservation ProgramP500313
Bridge RenovationP509753
Brink Zone Reliability ImprovementsP143800
Building Envelope RepairP361501
Building Modifications and Program ImprovementsP076506
Bus Rapid Transit: System DevelopmentP501318
Bus Rapid Transit: US 29P501912
Bus Stop ImprovementsP507658
Cabin Branch WWPSP023807
Cabin Branch WWPS Force MainP023808
Cabin John Trunk Sewer ReliefP063807
Capital Crescent TrailP501316
Capital Needs for 236 Funded Elderly PropertiesP137601
Capital Renewal: CollegeP096600
Child Care in SchoolsP649187
Child Care RenovationsP601901
Clarksburg Triangle Outfall Sewer, Part 2P023811
Col. E. Brooke Lee MS Addition/Facility UpgradeP651910
College Affordability ReconciliationP661401
Collegewide Central Plant and Distribution SystemsP662001
Collegewide Library RenovationsP661901
Collegewide Physical Education RenovationsP661602
Collegewide Road/Parking Lot Repairs and ReplacementsP661801
Cost Sharing: Local ParksP977748
Cost Sharing: MCGP720601
Cost Sharing: Non-Local ParksP761682
County Water Quality ComplianceP106500
Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP926575
Dedicated but Unmaintained County RoadsP501117
Demolition FundP091704
Design and Construction ManagementP746032
Detention Center ReuseP429755
Duckett and Brighton Dam UpgradesP073802
Elevator ModernizationP509923
Elevator Modernization: CollegeP056608
Energy Conservation - Local ParksP998710
Energy Conservation - Non-Local ParksP998711
Energy Conservation: CollegeP816611
Energy Conservation: MCGP507834
Energy Conservation: MCPSP796222
Energy Systems ModernizationP361302
Enterprise Facilities' ImprovementsP998773
Environmental Compliance: MCGP500918
Facilities Site Selection: MCGP500152
Facility Planning-TransportationP509337
Facility Planning: CollegeP886686
Facility Planning: HCDP769375
Facility Planning: Local ParksP957775
Facility Planning: MCGP508768
Facility Planning: MCPSP966553
Facility Planning: Non-Local ParksP958776
Facility Planning: SMP809319
Facility Planning: Storm DrainsP508180
Female Facility UpgradeP450305
Fire Safety Code UpgradesP016532
Fire Stations: Life Safety SystemsP450302
Flower Avenue SidewalkP501206
Forest Glen PassagewayP501911
Franklin Avenue Sidewalk P501734
FS Emergency Power System UpgradeP450700
Fuel ManagementP361112
Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP886536
Guardrail ProjectsP508113
Gude Landfill RemediationP801801
Heavy Equipment ReplacementP361901
High School Wellness CenterP640902
Highway Noise AbatementP500338
HOC Cty Guaranteed Bond ProjectsP809482
HOC MPDU/Property Acq FundP768047
HOC Opportunity Housing Dev FundP767511
HVAC (Mechanical Systems) Replacement: MCPSP816633
HVAC/Elec Replacement: Fire StnsP458756
HVAC/Elec Replacement: MCGP508941
Improved (Safe) Access to SchoolsP975051
Indoor Air Quality Improvements: MCPSP006503
Information Technology: CollegeP856509
Instructional Furniture and Equipment: CollegeP096601
Integrated Justice Information SystemP340200
Intelligent Transit SystemP501801
Intersection and Spot ImprovementsP507017
Kemp Mill Urban ParkP138702
Land & Rights-of-Way Acquisition - Bi-CountyP983857
Land & Rights-of-Way Acquisition - Bi-County (S)P163800
Land Acquisition: MCPSP546034
Large Diameter Water Pipe Rehabilitation ProgramP113803
Laytonia Recreational ParkP038703
Legacy Open SpaceP018710
Library Refurbishment Level of EffortP711502
Life Safety Systems: MCGP509970
Life Sciences and Technology CentersP789057
M-NCPPC Affordability ReconciliationP871747
Major Capital ProjectsP651913
Master Lease: Correctional Security EquipmentP421701
Master Lease: Self-Contained Breathing ApparatusP311701
MCG Reconciliation PDFP501404
MCPS Affordability ReconciliationP056516
MCPS Funding ReconciliationP076510
Minor New Construction - Local ParksP998799
Minor New Construction - Non-Local ParksP998763
Misc Stream Valley ImprovementsP807359
Modifications to Holding, Special Education & AlteP136510
Montgomery Knolls ES Addition P651709
Needwood Road BikepathP501304
Neighborhood Traffic CalmingP509523
Network Infrastructure and Server OperationsP076619
North Four Corners Local ParkP078706
Northwood HS Addition/Facility UpgradesP651907
Outdoor Play Space Maintenance ProjectP651801
Outfall RepairsP509948
Park RefreshersP871902
Patuxent Raw Water PipelineP063804
Patuxent WFP Phase II ExpansionP033807
Pedestrian Safety ProgramP500333
Permanent Patching: Residential/Rural RoadsP501106
Pine Crest ES AdditionP651708
Piscataway WRRF Bio-Energy ProjectP063808
Planned Life Cycle Asset Repl: MCPSP896586
Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement: CollegeP926659
Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement: Local ParksP967754
Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement: MCGP509514
Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement: NL ParksP968755
Planning, Design and ConstructionP906605
PLAR: LP - Boundary MarkingP998701
PLAR: LP - Minor RenovationsP998702
PLAR: LP - Park Building RenovationsP998705
PLAR: LP - Play EquipmentP998703
PLAR: LP - Resurfacing Lots and PathsP871546
PLAR: LP - Tennis/Multi-Use Court RenovationsP998704
PLAR: NL - Boundary Marking Sub-ProjectP998707
PLAR: NL - Minor RenovationsP998708
PLAR: NL - Park Building RenovationsP871903
PLAR: NL - Play EquipmentP998709
PLAR: NL - Resurfacing Lots and PathsP871544
PLAR: NL - Tennis/MUC RenovationP998715
Pollution Prevention and Repairs to Ponds & LakesP078701
Potomac WFP Corrosion MitigationP143802
Potomac WFP Outdoor Substation No. 2 ReplacementP113802
Potomac WFP Submerged Channel IntakeP033812
Public Arts TrustP729658
Public Facilities RoadsP507310
Public Safety System ModernizationP340901
Purple LineP501603
Recreation Facility ModernizationP720917
Rehab/Reno.Of Closed Schools- RROCSP916587
Relocatable ClassroomsP846540
Residential and Rural Road RehabilitationP500914
Restoration Of Historic StructuresP808494
Restroom RenovationsP056501
Resurfacing Park Roads and Bridge ImprovementsP500720
Resurfacing Parking Lots: MCGP509914
Resurfacing: Fire StationsP458429
Resurfacing: Primary/ArterialP508527
Resurfacing: Residential/Rural RoadsP500511
Reuse of Woodward HS as a Holding FacilityP116502
Ride On Bus FleetP500821
Rock Creek Maintenance FacilityP118702
Rockville Sidewalk ExtensionsP501430
Rocky Gorge Pump Station UpgradeP063805
Roof Replacement: CollegeP876664
Roof Replacement: Fire StationsP458629
Roof Replacement: MCGP508331
Roof Replacement: MCPSP766995
Roof Replacement: Non-Local PkP838882
School Based Health & Linkages to Learning CentersP640400
School Security SystemsP926557
Septage Discharge Facility Planning & Implement.P103802
Shady Grove Transportation Depot Replacement P651641
Sidewalk and Curb ReplacementP508182
Sidewalk Program Minor Projects P506747
Site Improvements: CollegeP076601
SM Design/Build/Maintain Contract P801901
SM Facility Major Structural RepairP800700
SM Retrofit - Government FacilitiesP800900
SM Retrofit - RoadsP801300
SM Retrofit - SchoolsP801301
SM Retrofit: CountywideP808726
Small Grant/Donor-Assisted Capital ImprovementsP058755
Sprinkler Systems for HOC Elderly PropertiesP097600
Stadium LightingP876544
State Aid ReconciliationP896536
State Transportation ParticipationP500722
Storm Drain Culvert ReplacementP501470
Storm Drain GeneralP500320
Stormwater Discharge & Water Quality Mgmt: MCPSP956550
Stream Protection: SVPP818571
Street Tree PreservationP500700
Streetlight Enhancements-CBD/Town CenterP500512
Student Learning Support SystemsP076617
Subdivision Roads ParticipationP508000
Supplemental Funds for Deeply Subsidized HOC Owned Units ImprovementsP091501
Technology Investment Loan FundP319485
Technology ModernizationP036510
Technology Modernization -- MCGP150701
Traffic Signal System ModernizationP500704
Traffic SignalsP507154
Trails: Hard Surface Design & ConstructionP768673
Trails: Hard Surface RenovationP888754
Trails: Natural Surface & Resource-based RecreationP858710
Transit Park and Ride Lot RenovationsP500534
Transportation Improvements For SchoolsP509036
Transportation Maintenance DepotP056510
Trunk Sewer Reconstruction ProgramP113805
Urban Park ElementsP871540
Vision ZeroP871905
Watershed Restoration - InteragencyP809342
WSSC ComplianceP126500
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