Budget Year / Version:
Project NameProject #Sub Category
Apparatus Replacement ProgramP451504Fire/Rescue Service
Clarksburg Fire StationP450300Fire/Rescue Service
Female Facility UpgradeP450305Fire/Rescue Service
Fire Stations: Life Safety SystemsP450302Fire/Rescue Service
Fire/Rescue Maintenance Depot Equipment(Southlawn)P450801Fire/Rescue Service
FS Emergency Power System UpgradeP450700Fire/Rescue Service
Glen Echo Fire Station RenovationP450702Fire/Rescue Service
Glenmont FS 18 ReplacementP450900Fire/Rescue Service
HVAC/Elec Replacement: Fire StnsP458756Fire/Rescue Service
Kensington (Aspen Hill) FS 25 AdditionP450903Fire/Rescue Service
Master Lease: Self-Contained Breathing ApparatusP311701Fire/Rescue Service
Resurfacing: Fire StationsP458429Fire/Rescue Service
Rockville Fire Station 3 RenovationP450105Fire/Rescue Service
Roof Replacement: Fire StationsP458629Fire/Rescue Service
White Flint Fire Station 23P451502Fire/Rescue Service
2nd District Police StationP471200Police
3rd District Police StationP470302Police
6th District Police StationP470301Police
Animal Services and Adoption CenterP470400Police
Outdoor Firearms Training CenterP470701Police
PSTA Academic Building ComplexP479909Police
Public Safety Communications CenterP471802Police
Criminal Justice ComplexP421100Correction and Rehabilitation
Detention Center ReuseP429755Correction and Rehabilitation
Master Lease: Correctional Security EquipmentP421701Correction and Rehabilitation
Pre-Release Center Dietary Facilities ImprovementsP420900Correction and Rehabilitation
Judicial Center AnnexP100300Other Public Safety
PSTA & Multi Agency Service Park - Site Dev.P470907Other Public Safety
Public Safety HeadquartersP470906Other Public Safety
Public Safety Training Academy (PSTA) RelocationP471102Other Public Safety
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