Budget Year / Version:
Project NameProject #Sub Category
Advance ReforestationP500112Roads
Burtonsville Access RoadP500500Roads
Clarksburg Transportation ConnectionsP501315Roads
County Service Park Infrastructure ImprovementsP501317Roads
Dedicated but Unmaintained County RoadsP501117Roads
East Gude Drive Roadway ImprovementsP501309Roads
Facility Planning-RoadsP509337Roads
Goshen Road SouthP501107Roads
Highway Noise AbatementP500338Roads
Maryland/Dawson ExtendedP501405Roads
MCG Reconciliation PDFP501404Roads
North High Street ExtendedP502310Roads
Observation Drive Extended P501507Roads
Public Facilities RoadsP507310Roads
Seminary Road Intersection ImprovementP501307Roads
Snouffer School RoadP501109Roads
Snouffer School Road North (Webb Tract)P501119Roads
State Transportation ParticipationP500722Roads
Subdivision Roads ParticipationP508000Roads
Summit Avenue ExtensionP502311Roads
Transportation Feasibility StudiesP502303Roads
Watkins Mill Road ExtendedP500724Roads
White Flint District East: TransportationP501204Roads
White Flint District West: TransportationP501116Roads
White Flint West WorkaroundP501506Roads
Auth Lane Pedestrian BridgeP502505Bridges
Beach Drive BridgeP501903Bridges
Bridge DesignP509132Bridges
Bridge Preservation ProgramP500313Bridges
Bridge RenovationP509753Bridges
Brighton Dam Road Bridge No. M-0229P501907Bridges
Brink Road Bridge M-0064P502104Bridges
Brookville Road Bridge M-0083P502503Bridges
Dennis Ave Bridge M-0194 Replacement P501701Bridges
Dorsey Mill Road BridgeP501906Bridges
Garrett Park Road Bridge M-0352P502105Bridges
Glen Road BridgeP502102Bridges
Gold Mine Road Bridge M-0096P501302Bridges
Mouth of Monocacy Road BridgeP502103Bridges
Park Valley Road BridgeP501523Bridges
Piney Meetinghouse Road BridgeP501522Bridges
Redland Road Bridge No. M-0056P502507Bridges
Schaeffer Road Bridge M-0137P502504Bridges
Seven Locks Road Culvert ReplacementP502513Bridges
ADA Compliance: TransportationP509325Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Bethesda Bikeway and Pedestrian FacilitiesP500119Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Bicycle-Pedestrian Priority Area ImprovementsP501532Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Bicycle-Pedestrian Priority Area Improvements - Purple LineP502004Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Bicycle-Pedestrian Priority Area Improvements - Veirs Mill/RandolphP502003Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Bicycle-Pedestrian Priority Area Improvements - Wheaton CBDP502002Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Bikeway Program Minor Projects P507596Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Bowie Mill Road BikewayP502108Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Bradley Boulevard (MD 191) ImprovementsP501733Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Capital Crescent TrailP501316Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Capital Crescent Trail TunnelP502512Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Cherry Hill Road Bike FacilityP502314Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Dale Drive Shared Use Path and Safety ImprovementsP502109Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Facility Planning - Pedestrian Facilities and BikewaysP502312Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Falls Road Bikeway and Pedestrian FacilityP500905Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Fenton Street CycletrackP502001Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Forest Glen PassagewayP501911Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Franklin Avenue Sidewalk P501734Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Frederick Road Bike PathP501118Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Goldsboro Road Sidewalk and BikewayP501917Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Good Hope Road Shared Use PathP501902Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Life Sciences Center Loop TrailP501742Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
MacArthur Blvd Bikeway ImprovementsP500718Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
MD 198 Sidewalk ImprovementsP502406Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
MD 355 Crossing (BRAC)P501209Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
MD355-Clarksburg Shared Use PathP501744Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Metropolitan Branch TrailP501110Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Norwood Road Shared Use PathP502313Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Oak Drive/MD 27 Sidewalk P501908Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Sandy Spring BikewayP502306Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Seven Locks Bikeway and Safety ImprovementsP501303Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Sidewalk Program Minor Projects P506747Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Silver Spring & Bethesda Secure Bike Parking FacilitiesP502510Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Silver Spring Green TrailP509975Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Transportation Improvements For SchoolsP509036Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Tuckerman Lane SidewalkP502302Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Twinbrook Connector TrailP502405Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
US 29 Pedestrian and Bicycle ImprovementsP502304Pedestrian Facilities/Bikeways
Advanced Transportation Management SystemP509399Traffic Improvements
Bethesda Transportation Infrastructure Development P501802Traffic Improvements
Guardrail ProjectsP508113Traffic Improvements
Intersection and Spot ImprovementsP507017Traffic Improvements
Neighborhood Traffic CalmingP509523Traffic Improvements
Pedestrian Safety ProgramP500333Traffic Improvements
Streetlight Enhancements-CBD/Town CenterP500512Traffic Improvements
StreetlightingP507055Traffic Improvements
Traffic Signal System ModernizationP500704Traffic Improvements
Traffic SignalsP507154Traffic Improvements
US 29 StreetlightingP502407Traffic Improvements
White Flint Traffic Analysis and MitigationP501202Traffic Improvements
White Oak Local Area Transportation Improvement Program P501540Traffic Improvements
Bethesda Parking Security Camera Surveillance SystemP502409Parking
Facility Planning Parking: Bethesda Parking Lot DistrictP501313Parking
Facility Planning Parking: Silver Spring Parking Lot DistrictP501314Parking
Facility Planning Parking: Wheaton Parking Lot DistrictP501312Parking
Farm Women's Market Parking GarageP502316Parking
Parking Bethesda Facility RenovationsP508255Parking
Parking Lot Districts Service FacilityP501551Parking
Parking Silver Spring Facility RenovationsP508250Parking
Parking Wheaton Facility RenovationsP509709Parking
Silver Spring Lot 3 Parking GarageP501111Parking
Silver Spring Parking Security Camera Surveillance SystemP502410Parking
Wheaton Parking Security Camera Surveillance SystemP502411Parking
AccelerateMC Regional Infrastructure AcceleratorP502412Mass Transit (MCG)
Bethesda Metro Station South EntranceP500929Mass Transit (MCG)
Boyds Transit CenterP501915Mass Transit (MCG)
Burtonsville Park and Ride ImprovementsP502203Mass Transit (MCG)
Bus Priority Program - Minor ProjectsP502204Mass Transit (MCG)
Bus Rapid Transit: MD 355 CentralP502005Mass Transit (MCG)
Bus Rapid Transit: MD 355 South/NorthP502309Mass Transit (MCG)
Bus Rapid Transit: System DevelopmentP501318Mass Transit (MCG)
Bus Rapid Transit: US 29P501912Mass Transit (MCG)
Bus Rapid Transit: US 29-Phase 2P502201Mass Transit (MCG)
Bus Rapid Transit: Veirs Mill RoadP501913Mass Transit (MCG)
Bus Stop ImprovementsP507658Mass Transit (MCG)
Facility Planning: Mass TransitP502308Mass Transit (MCG)
Great Seneca Science Corridor Transit ImprovementsP502202Mass Transit (MCG)
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses and Fueling SiteP502408Mass Transit (MCG)
Intelligent Transit SystemP501801Mass Transit (MCG)
Master Leases: Transit Radio System ReplacementP502110Mass Transit (MCG)
New Transit Maintenance DepotP502402Mass Transit (MCG)
North Bethesda Metro Station Access ImprovementsP502106Mass Transit (MCG)
North Bethesda Metro Station Northern EntranceP501914Mass Transit (MCG)
Purple LineP501603Mass Transit (MCG)
Ride On Bus FleetP500821Mass Transit (MCG)
Ride On Fare Equipment ReplacementP502404Mass Transit (MCG)
Silver Spring Transit CenterP509974Mass Transit (MCG)
Transit Park and Ride Lot RenovationsP500534Mass Transit (MCG)
Permanent Patching: Residential/Rural RoadsP501106Highway Maintenance
Residential and Rural Road RehabilitationP500914Highway Maintenance
Resurfacing Park Roads and Bridge ImprovementsP500720Highway Maintenance
Resurfacing: Primary/ArterialP508527Highway Maintenance
Resurfacing: Residential/Rural RoadsP500511Highway Maintenance
Sidewalk and Curb ReplacementP508182Highway Maintenance
Street Tree PreservationP500700Highway Maintenance
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