Budget Year / Version:
Project NameProject #
Albert Einstein Cluster HS SolutionP651519
Arcola ES AdditionP136500
Ashburton ES AdditionP651514
Bethesda ES AdditionP136501
Bethesda ES SolutionP651916
Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS AdditionP651513
Bethesda-Chevy Chase MS #2P136502
Blair G. Ewing Center RelocationP651515
Burtonsville ES AdditionP651511
Charles W. Woodward HS ReopeningP651908
Clarksburg Cluster ES #9 (New)P651901
Clarksburg Cluster ES (Clarksburg Village Site #1)P116504
Clarksburg Cluster ES (Clarksburg Village Site #2)P651713
Clarksburg ES and Cedar Grove ES SolutionP651805
Clarksburg HS AdditionP116505
Clopper Mill ES and Ronald McNair ES SolutionP651806
Col. E. Brooke Lee MS Addition P651712
Col. E. Brooke Lee MS Addition/Facility UpgradeP651910
Cresthaven ES AdditionP651902
Crown HS (New)P651909
Darnestown ES AdditionP116507
Diamond ES AdditionP651510
DuFief ES Addition/Facility UpgradeP651905
East Silver Spring ES AdditionP086500
East Silver Spring ES AdditionP651714
Gaithersburg Cluster Elementary School #8P651518
Greencastle ES AdditionP651710
Hallie Wells MSP116506
John F. Kennedy HS AdditionP651906
Judith A. Resnik ES SolutionP651915
Judith Resnik ES AdditionP651507
Julius West MS AdditionP136507
Kensington-Parkwood ES AdditionP651505
Lucy V. Barnsley ES AdditionP651504
Montgomery Blair Cluster HS SolutionP651802
Montgomery Knolls ES Addition P651709
Neelsville MS SolutionP651803
North Bethesda MS AdditionP651503
North Chevy Chase ES AdditionP136504
Northwest Cluster ES SolutionP136505
Northwood Cluster HS SolutionP651517
Northwood HS Addition/Facility UpgradesP651907
Parkland MS AdditionP651911
Parkland MS SolutionP651804
Pine Crest ES AdditionP651708
Piney Branch ES Addition P651707
Rock View ES AdditionP096506
Ronald McNair ES AdditionP651904
Roscoe Nix ES AdditionP651903
Rosemary Hills ES AdditionP136506
S. Christa McAuliffe ES AdditionP651502
Silver Spring International MS AdditionP651912
Somerset ES AdditionP116509
Somerset ES SolutionP651914
Takoma Park MS AdditionP651706
Thomas W. Pyle MS AdditionP651705
Walt Whitman HS Addition P651704
Walter Johnson Cluster HS SolutionP651607
Waters Landing ES AdditionP116511
Westbrook ES AdditionP116512
Wood Acres ES AdditionP136508
Woodlin ES Addition P651703
Wyngate ES AdditionP116513
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