Budget Year / Version:
Project NameProject #
ADA Compliance: MCPSP796235
All Eastern MS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP116500
All Rock Creek Forest ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016527
Asbestos Abatement: MCPSP816695
Belmont ES Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136515
Beverly Farms ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016513
Brown Station ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016529
Building Modifications and Program ImprovementsP076506
Carl Sandburg Learning Center-Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016508
Col. E Brooke Lee MS - Future Revitalization/ExpansionP651540
Cold Spring ES Future ModernizationP136513
County Water Quality ComplianceP106500
Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP926575
Damascus ES Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136517
Design and Construction ManagementP746032
Dufief ES Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136514
Energy Conservation: MCPSP796222
Facility Planning: MCPSP966553
Fire Safety Code UpgradesP016532
Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP886536
HVAC (Mechanical Systems) Replacement: MCPSP816633
Improved (Safe) Access to SchoolsP975051
Indoor Air Quality Improvements: MCPSP006503
Land Acquisition: MCPSP546034
Luxmanor ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096515
Major Capital ProjectsP651913
Maryvale ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096514
Modifications to Holding, Special Education & AlteP136510
Outdoor Play Space Maintenance ProjectP651801
Planned Life Cycle Asset Repl: MCPSP896586
Poolesville HS Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136521
Potomac ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096513
Rehab/Reno.Of Closed Schools- RROCSP916587
Relocatable ClassroomsP846540
Reopening of Broome JHSP116501
Reopening of English Manor ES P917587
Restroom RenovationsP056501
Reuse of Woodward HS as a Holding FacilityP116502
Richard Montgomery ES #5 (Hungerford Park)P136511
Roof Replacement: MCPSP766995
Rosemary Hills ES Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136520
School Security SystemsP926557
Seneca Valley HS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096510
Shady Grove Transportation Depot Replacement P651641
Stadium LightingP876544
Stonegate ES Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136516
Stormwater Discharge & Water Quality Mgmt: MCPSP956550
Summit Hall ES Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136519
Technology ModernizationP036510
Thomas S. Wootton HS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096512
Tilden MS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096511
Transportation Maintenance DepotP056510
Twinbrook ES Future ModernizationP136518
Wayside ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016528
Wheaton HS Future ModernizationP076507
Wheaton Woods ES Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP076509
Whittier Woods Renovations (RROCS)P996516
Willam H. Farquhar MS Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP076508
WSSC ComplianceP126500
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