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Montgomery Community College provides postsecondary educational programs from campuses located in Takoma Park/Silver Spring, Rockville, and Germantown. It serves four broad groups of students:Those who want the first two years of a university education, either for an associate's degree or preparatory to another program;Those who want to prepare for a career not requiring a bachelor's degree;Highly capable high school juniors and seniors who participate in special programs; andAdults who want to continue their education, either to improve job skills or for personal enrichment.The major sources of funding for Montgomery College are County support, State aid, tuition and fees, auxiliary...

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Project NameProject #Sub Category
ADA Compliance: CollegeP936660Higher Education
Bioscience Education CenterP056603Higher Education
Capital Renewal: CollegeP096600Higher Education
College Affordability ReconciliationP661401Higher Education
Collegewide Library RenovationsP661901Higher Education
Collegewide Physical Education RenovationsP661602Higher Education
Collegewide Road/Parking Lot Repairs and ReplacementsP661801Higher Education
Computer Science AlterationsP046602Higher Education
Elevator Modernization: CollegeP056608Higher Education
Energy Conservation: CollegeP816611Higher Education
Facility Planning: CollegeP886686Higher Education
Germantown Observation Drive ReconstructionP096604Higher Education
Germantown Science & Applied Studies Phase 1-RenovP136600Higher Education
Germantown Student Services CenterP076612Higher Education
Information Technology: CollegeP856509Higher Education
Instructional Furniture and Equipment: CollegeP096601Higher Education
Macklin Tower AlterationsP036603Higher Education
Network Infrastructure and Support SystemsP076619Higher Education
Network Operating Center/DatacenterP076618Higher Education
Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement: CollegeP926659Higher Education
Planning, Design & ConstructionP906605Higher Education
Rockville Parking GarageP136601Higher Education
Rockville Student Services CenterP076604Higher Education
Roof Replacement: CollegeP876664Higher Education
Science East Building RenovationP076623Higher Education
Science West Building RenovationP076622Higher Education
Site Improvements: CollegeP076601Higher Education
Student Learning Support SystemsP076617Higher Education
Takoma Park/Silver Spring Math & Science CenterP076607Higher Education
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