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Project NameProject #Sub Category
Albert Einstein Cluster HS SolutionP651519Individual Schools
Ashburton ES AdditionP651514Individual Schools
Bethesda Area Elementary Schools SolutionP651916Individual Schools
Bethesda ES AdditionP652103Individual Schools
Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS AdditionP651513Individual Schools
Bethesda-Chevy Chase/Walter Johnson Clusters ES (New)P652104Individual Schools
Blair G. Ewing Center RelocationP651515Individual Schools
Burtonsville ES AdditionP651511Individual Schools
Charles W. Woodward HS ReopeningP651908Individual Schools
Clarksburg Cluster ES #9 (New)P651901Individual Schools
Clarksburg Cluster ES (Clarksburg Village Site #2)P651713Individual Schools
Clarksburg HS AdditionP116505Individual Schools
Col. E. Brooke Lee MS Addition/Facility UpgradeP651910Individual Schools
Cresthaven ES AdditionP651902Individual Schools
Crown HS (New)P651909Individual Schools
Diamond ES AdditionP651510Individual Schools
DuFief ES Addition/Facility UpgradeP651905Individual Schools
East Silver Spring ES AdditionP651714Individual Schools
Francis Scott Key MS SolutionP652004Individual Schools
Gaithersburg Cluster Elementary School #8P651518Individual Schools
Hallie Wells MSP116506Individual Schools
Highland View ES AdditionP652001Individual Schools
John F. Kennedy HS AdditionP651906Individual Schools
Judith A. Resnik ES SolutionP651915Individual Schools
Judith Resnik ES AdditionP651507Individual Schools
Kensington-Parkwood ES AdditionP651505Individual Schools
Lake Seneca ES AdditionP652002Individual Schools
Lucy V. Barnsley ES AdditionP651504Individual Schools
Montgomery Knolls ES Addition P651709Individual Schools
North Bethesda MS AdditionP651503Individual Schools
Northwood HS Addition/Facility UpgradesP651907Individual Schools
Parkland MS AdditionP651911Individual Schools
Pine Crest ES AdditionP651708Individual Schools
Piney Branch ES Addition P651707Individual Schools
Ronald McNair ES AdditionP651904Individual Schools
Roscoe Nix ES AdditionP651903Individual Schools
S. Christa McAuliffe ES AdditionP651502Individual Schools
Silver Spring International MS AdditionP651912Individual Schools
Somerset ES SolutionP651914Individual Schools
Takoma Park MS AdditionP651706Individual Schools
Thomas W. Pyle MS AdditionP651705Individual Schools
Thurgood Marshall ES AdditionP652003Individual Schools
Walt Whitman HS Addition P651704Individual Schools
Watkins Mill HS Early Childhood CenterP652106Individual Schools
Westbrook ES AdditionP652107Individual Schools
William T. Page ES AdditionP652105Individual Schools
Woodlin ES Addition P651703Individual Schools
ADA Compliance: MCPSP796235Countywide
All Eastern MS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP116500Countywide
All Rock Creek Forest ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016527Countywide
Asbestos Abatement: MCPSP816695Countywide
Belmont ES Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136515Countywide
Beverly Farms ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016513Countywide
Brown Station ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016529Countywide
Building Modifications and Program ImprovementsP076506Countywide
Burnt Mills ES - Major Capital ProjectP652110Countywide
Carl Sandburg Learning Center-Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016508Countywide
Col. E Brooke Lee MS - Future Revitalization/ExpansionP651540Countywide
Col. Zadok Magruder HS - Major Capital ProjectP652116Countywide
Cold Spring ES Future ModernizationP136513Countywide
Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP926575Countywide
Damascus ES Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136517Countywide
Damascus HS - Major Capital ProjectP652114Countywide
Design and Construction ManagementP746032Countywide
Dufief ES Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136514Countywide
Energy Conservation: MCPSP796222Countywide
Facility Planning: MCPSP966553Countywide
Fire Safety Code UpgradesP016532Countywide
Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP886536Countywide
HVAC (Mechanical Systems) Replacement: MCPSP816633Countywide
Improved (Safe) Access to SchoolsP975051Countywide
Indoor Air Quality Improvements: MCPSP006503Countywide
Land Acquisition: MCPSP546034Countywide
Luxmanor ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096515Countywide
Major Capital ProjectsP651913Countywide
Major Capital Projects - ElementaryP652101Countywide
Major Capital Projects - SecondaryP652102Countywide
Maryvale ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096514Countywide
Modifications to Holding, Special Education & AlteP136510Countywide
Neelsville MS - Major Capital ProjectP652112Countywide
Outdoor Play Space Maintenance ProjectP651801Countywide
Planned Life Cycle Asset Repl: MCPSP896586Countywide
Poolesville HS - Major Capital ProjectP652113Countywide
Poolesville HS Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136521Countywide
Potomac ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096513Countywide
Rehab/Reno.Of Closed Schools- RROCSP916587Countywide
Relocatable ClassroomsP846540Countywide
Reopening of Broome JHSP116501Countywide
Reopening of English Manor ES P917587Countywide
Restroom RenovationsP056501Countywide
Reuse of Woodward HS as a Holding FacilityP116502Countywide
Richard Montgomery ES #5 (Hungerford Park)P136511Countywide
Roof Replacement: MCPSP766995Countywide
Rosemary Hills ES Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136520Countywide
School Security SystemsP926557Countywide
Seneca Valley HS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096510Countywide
Shady Grove Transportation Depot Replacement P651641Countywide
South Lake ES - Major Capital ProjectP652109Countywide
Stadium LightingP876544Countywide
Stonegate ES - Major Capital ProjectP652111Countywide
Stonegate ES Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136516Countywide
Stormwater Discharge & Water Quality Mgmt: MCPSP956550Countywide
Summit Hall ES Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136519Countywide
Technology ModernizationP036510Countywide
Thomas S. Wootton HS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096512Countywide
Thomas S. Wootton HS - Major Capital ProjectP652115Countywide
Tilden MS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096511Countywide
Twinbrook ES Future ModernizationP136518Countywide
Wayside ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016528Countywide
Wheaton HS Future ModernizationP076507Countywide
Wheaton Woods ES Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP076509Countywide
Whittier Woods Renovations (RROCS)P996516Countywide
Willam H. Farquhar MS Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP076508Countywide
Woodlin ES - Major Capital ProjectP652108Countywide
MCPS Affordability ReconciliationP056516Miscellaneous Projects
MCPS Funding ReconciliationP076510Miscellaneous Projects
State Aid ReconciliationP896536Miscellaneous Projects
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