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This project provides for design and construction of habitat restoration or stabilization measures for stream reaches having significant channel erosion, sedimentation, and habitat degradation. Developed areas constructed without current stormwater controls contribute uncontrolled runoff which results in eroded streambanks, excessive sediment, tree loss, and degraded habitat for fish and aquatic life. Stormdrain outfalls damaged from severe erosion are identified and, where possible, the outfalls are repaired - funded from the Outfall Repairs project (No. 509948).




Budget Snapshot
$25.51M Total
$5.11M 6 Year Total


The project supports the requirements of the County's MS4 permit and addresses the goals of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement, Anacostia Watershed Restoration Agreement, and the County's adopted water quality goals (Chapter 19, Article IV). The project will stabilize and improve local stream habitat conditions where streams have been damaged by inadequately controlled stormwater runoff.


Projects planned for design and construction include Glenstone and Booze Creek Repairs. The CIP project includes funding for the stream restoration study of Anacostia Watershed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Montgomery Parks Department of the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) and the Montgomery Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) have agreed that M-NCPPC will serve as the lead agency for implementing stream restoration projects including long-term monitoring and maintenance that are located wholly or mostly on parks property in support of the County's MS4 permit. Previously, DEP had begun design work on the following stream restoration projects which meet these criteria: Clearspring Manor, Glenallan, Stoneybrook (Beach Drive to Montrose Avenue), and Grosvenor (Beach Drive to Rockville Pike). DEP has provided all design work for these projects to M-NCPPC for design completion, permitting, and construction under M-MNCPPC's Stream Protection: SVP (P818571) project. M-NCPPC has agreed that all MS4 credits generated from these projects will be credited towards the County's future MS4 permit with delivery of the restored impervious acres no later than Dec. 31, 2023. M-NCPPC will provide appropriate updates at key project milestones to ensure that MS4 credits are achieved in the timeframe required, in addition to providing the long-term monitoring and maintenance required for the County to maintain the impervious acreage credit. These projects are currently estimated to have a combined cost of $2.4M and will provide approximately 44 acres of credit; funding was provided under M-MNCPPC's Stream Protection: SVP (P818571) project. Parks will provide updated schedule and cost information on all projects for construction allocation funding beginning in FY 20, based on MDE's Water Quality Revolving Loan Fund cycle timeframes. M-NCPPC and DEP developed a Memorandum of Understanding that details how projects completed by M-NCPPC, funded with WQPC dollars, with MS4 credits going to DEP, will be handled. M-NCPPC will document all MS4 credits created through these projects in accordance with MDE requirements to obtain State approval for the permit credits. M-NCPPC recognizes that stream restoration projects with relatively small segments located on Parks property may be selected by the County's DBM contractor. If selected by the County's contractor and approved by DEP with concurrence by M-NCPPC, the contractor will need to obtain a Park Permit and comply with all M-NCPPC requirements.

Fiscal Note

This project assumes the award of Maryland Water Quality Revolving Loan Funds (Long-Term Financing) over the six-year period, which would replace Water Quality Protection Bonds as the primary source of funding for the program.

This CIP Project will be closed after the completion of the Booze Creek Repair project, expected in FY22. Any future stream restoration work shall be performed under CIP Project # 808726 - Stormwater Management Retrofit: Countywide.


The County Executive asserts that this project conforms to the requirement of relevant local plans, as required by the Maryland Economic Growth, Resource Protection and Planning Act.


Department of Transportation, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Department of Permitting Services, Maryland Department of the Environment, and Maryland Department of Natural Resources.
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Budget Snapshot
$25.51M Total
$5.11M 6 Year Total
Project Details
Project NumberP807359
Date Last Modified12/23/20
Administering AgencyEnvironmental Protection
CategoryConservation of Natural Resources
SubCategoryStormwater Management
Planning AreaCountywide
Total Expenditures by Cost Element (000s)
Total Funding by Source (000s)
Cost ElementsTotalThru FY20Rem FY20Total 6 YearsFY 21FY 22FY 23FY 24FY 25FY 26Beyond 6 Years
Planning, Design and Supervision611853106181901306000000
Site Improvements and Utilities11000000000
Total Expenditures2551114511589051103980113000000
FUNDING (000s)
Funding SourceTotalThru FY20Rem FY20Total 6 YearsFY 21FY 22FY 23FY 24FY 25FY 26Beyond 6 Years
Current Revenue: Water Quality Protection47221960156212001200000000
Federal Aid00000000000
G.O. Bonds00000000000
Long-Term Financing91751137412839102780113000000
State Aid41064106000000000
Stormwater Management Waiver Fees1490129020000000000
Water Quality Protection Bonds60186018000000000
Total Funding Sources2551114511589051103980113000000
Appropriation FY 21 Request0
Year First AppropriationFY73
Appropriation FY 22 Request-2582
Last FY's Cost Estimate25511
Cumulative Appropriation28093
Expenditure / Encumbrances25484
Unencumbered Balance2609