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The Upcounty Regional Service Area is the largest of the five centers with 250 sq. miles or one-half of the County's land area. The Center's service population is approximately 300,000 people in several communities including Gaithersburg, Germantown, Clarksburg, Damascus, Goshen, Laytonsville, Derwood, North Potomac, Darnestown, Boyds, Montgomery Village, Barnesville, Dickerson, Poolesville, Washington Grove, Beallsville, Hyattstown and Tobytown.

Project NameProject #
6th District Police StationP470301
Black Hill Regional Park: SEED ClassroomP872101
Bowie Mill Road BikewayP502108
Boyds Transit CenterP501915
Brink Road Bridge M-0064P502104
Clarksburg Area Stage 3 Water Main, Part 4P113800
Clarksburg Area Stage 3 Water Main, Part 5P163801
Clarksburg Cluster ES #9 (New)P651901
Clarksburg Cluster ES (Clarksburg Village Site #2)P651713
Clarksburg Elevated Water Storage FacilityP973819
Clarksburg Fire StationP450300
Clarksburg HS AdditionP116505
Clarksburg LibraryP710500
Clarksburg Transportation ConnectionsP501315
Clarksburg Wastewater Pumping Station P173802
Clarksburg WWPS Force Main P173803
County Service Park Infrastructure ImprovementsP501317
Crossvines Poolesville Economic Development Project P391801
Crown HS (New)P651909
Damascus HS - Major Capital ProjectP652114
Damascus Town Center WWPS ReplacementP382002
Davis Mill Road Emergency StabilizationP502006
Diamond ES AdditionP651510
Dorsey Mill Road BridgeP501906
DuFief ES Addition/Facility UpgradeP651905
Dufief ES Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136514
Equipment Maintenance and Operations Center (EMOC)P500933
Frederick Road Bike PathP501118
Gaithersburg Cluster Elementary School #8P651518
Germantown Science & Applied Studies Phase 1-RenovP136600
Germantown Student Services CenterP076612
Germantown Town Center Urban ParkP078704
Glen Road BridgeP502102
Goshen Road SouthP501107
Great Seneca Science Corridor Transit ImprovementsP502202
Greenbriar Local ParkP078705
Hallie Wells MSP116506
Judith Resnik ES AdditionP651507
Lake Seneca ES AdditionP652002
Life Sciences Center Loop TrailP501742
Little Bennett Regional Park Day Use AreaP138703
Little Bennett Regional Park Trail ConnectorP871744
Magruder Branch Trail ExtensionP098706
MCPS & M-NCPPC Maintenance Facilities RelocationP361109
MCPS Bus Depot and Maintenance RelocationP360903
MD 355 Sidewalk (Hyattstown)P501104
MD355-Clarksburg Shared Use PathP501744
Milestone Center Sewer Main P173804
Montgomery County Airpark Land Acquisition - Leet-Melbrook PropertyP391902
Montgomery County Airpark Land Acquisition - Merchant Tire PropertyP391901
Mouth of Monocacy Road BridgeP502103
Neelsville MS - Major Capital ProjectP652112
North County Maintenance DepotP500522
Oak Drive/MD 27 Sidewalk P501908
Observation Drive Extended P501507
Outdoor Firearms Training CenterP472101
Ovid Hazen Wells Recreational ParkP871745
Piney Meetinghouse Road BridgeP501522
Pleasant's Property Water Main ExtensionP382201
Poolesville HS - Major Capital ProjectP652113
Poolesville HS Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136521
Potomac WFP Consent Decree ProgramP173801
Potomac WFP Pre-Filter Chlorination & Air Scour ImprovementsP143803
PSTA & Multi Agency Service Park - Site Dev.P470907
PSTA Academic Building ComplexP479909
Public Safety Communications CenterP471802
Public Safety Communications Center, Phase II, Electrical Distribution and HVAC UpgradeP472102
Public Safety Training Academy (PSTA) RelocationP471102
Ronald McNair ES AdditionP651904
S. Christa McAuliffe ES AdditionP651502
S. Germantown Recreational Park: Cricket FieldP871746
Salt Storage FacilityP361902
Seneca Crossing Local ParkP138704
Seneca Valley HS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096510
Seven Locks Bikeway and Safety ImprovementsP501303
Shady Grove Neighborhood CenterP382102
Shady Grove Standpipe ReplacementP093801
Shady Grove Station Sewer AugmentationP063806
Snouffer School RoadP501109
Snouffer School Road North (Webb Tract)P501119
South Lake ES - Major Capital ProjectP652109
Spring Gardens WWPS ReplacementP382003
Stringtown RoadP501208
Thurgood Marshall ES AdditionP652003
Transfer Station Fire Detection and Suppression SystemP802101
Watkins Mill HS Early Childhood CenterP652106
Watkins Mill Road ExtendedP500724
Western County Outdoor Pool Renovation and ModernizationP721501
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