Budget Year / Version:
Project NameProject #
6th District Police StationP470301
Avery Road Treatment CenterP601502
Bi-County Water TunnelP934855
Blair G. Ewing Center RelocationP651515
Brown Station ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016529
Citadel Avenue ExtendedP500310
Council Office Building Garage RenovationP011601
Council Office Building RenovationsP010100
County Service Park Infrastructure ImprovementsP501317
Criminal Justice ComplexP421100
Crown HS (New)P651909
Diamond ES AdditionP651510
DLC Liquor WarehouseP850900
East Gude Drive Roadway ImprovementsP501309
EOB & Judicial Center Traffic Circle RepairP361200
EOB HVAC RenovationP361103
Gaithersburg Cluster Elementary School #8P651518
Judicial Center AnnexP100300
Julius West MS AdditionP136507
Life Sciences Center Loop TrailP501742
Macklin Tower AlterationsP036603
Maryland/Dawson ExtendedP501405
Maryvale ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096514
Montgomery County Radio Shop RelocationP360902
North Bethesda Community Recreation CenterP720100
North Branch TrailP871541
Potomac WFP Main Zone PipelineP133800
Public Safety Communications CenterP471802
Public Safety HeadquartersP470906
Red Brick Courthouse Structural RepairsP500727
Reopening of Broome JHSP116501
Richard Montgomery ES #5 (Hungerford Park)P136511
Rockville Core P361702
Rockville Fire Station 3 RenovationP450105
Rockville Parking GarageP136601
Rockville Student Services CenterP076604
Seven Locks Technical Center Phase IIP509927
Summit Hall ES Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136519
Teachers Way ExtendedP501916
Thomas S. Wootton HS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096512
Twinbrook ES Future ModernizationP136518
Watkins Mill Road ExtendedP500724
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42 Projects
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