Budget Year / Version:
Project NameProject #
Ashburton ES AdditionP651514
Battery Lane Urban ParkP118701
Bethesda Area Elementary Schools SolutionP651916
Bethesda Bikeway and Pedestrian FacilitiesP500119
Bethesda CBD StreetscapeP500102
Bethesda Lot 31 Parking GarageP500932
Bethesda Metro Station South EntranceP500929
Bethesda Transportation Infrastructure Development P501802
Bradley Boulevard (MD 191) ImprovementsP501733
Caroline Freeland Urban ParkP871743
Charles W. Woodward HS ReopeningP651908
Conference Center GarageP781401
Elmhirst Parkway Bridge (Bridge No. M-0353)P501420
Facility Planning Parking: Bethesda PLDP501313
Glen Echo Fire Station RenovationP450702
Goldsboro Road Sidewalk and BikewayP501917
Josiah Henson Historic ParkP871552
Kennedy Shriver Aquatic Center Building Envelope ImprovementP721503
KID MuseumP721903
Luxmanor ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096515
MacArthur Blvd Bikeway ImprovementsP500718
Marriott International Headquarters and Hotel Project P361703
Mid-Pike Plaza Sewer Main, Phase 1P123801
Mid-Pike Plaza Sewer Main, Phase 2P143801
Montrose Parkway EastP500717
Montrose Parkway WestP500311
Montrose Road Extended (Land Acquisition)P500528
North Bethesda MS AdditionP651503
Pkg Beth Fac RenovationsP508255
Somerset ES AdditionP116509
Somerset ES SolutionP651914
Thomas W. Pyle MS AdditionP651705
Tilden MS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP096511
Valley Road BridgeP501521
Wall Park Garage and Park ImprovementsP721801
Walt Whitman HS Addition P651704
Wapakoneta Road ImprovementsP501101
Wayside ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016528
White Flint District East: TransportationP501204
White Flint District West: TransportationP501116
White Flint West WorkaroundP501506
Whites Ferry Road Bridges No.M-0187B and M-0189BP501301
Whittier Woods Renovations (RROCS)P996516
Wood Acres ES AdditionP136508
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