Budget Year / Version:
Project NameProject #
Shady Grove Station Sewer AugmentationP063806
Shady Grove Standpipe ReplacementP093801
Shady Grove Maintenance Facility RelocationP098709
Universities at Shady Grove ExpansionP151201
MCPS Bus Depot and Maintenance RelocationP360903
MCPS & M-NCPPC Maintenance Facilities RelocationP361109
MCPS Food Distribution Facility RelocationP361111
6th District Police StationP470301
Animal Services and Adoption CenterP470400
Public Safety HeadquartersP470906
PSTA & Multi Agency Service Park - Site Dev.P470907
Public Safety Training Academy (PSTA) RelocationP471102
PSTA Academic Building ComplexP479909
Redland Rd from Crabbs Branch Way - Baederwood LaP500010
Watkins Mill Road ExtendedP500724
Equipment Maintenance and Operations Center (EMOC)P500933
Goshen Road SouthP501107
Snouffer School RoadP501109
Snouffer School Road North (Webb Tract)P501119
County Service Park Infrastructure ImprovementsP501317
Life Sciences Center Loop TrailP501742
Judith Resnik ES AdditionP651507
Diamond ES AdditionP651510
Gaithersburg Cluster Elementary School #8P651518
Montgomery County AirparkP703909
DLC Liquor WarehouseP850900
Brown Station ES - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP016529
Gaithersburg HS - Current Revitalizations/ExpansionsP056509
Summit Hall ES Future Revitalizations/ExpansionsP136519
DuFief ES Addition/Facility UpgradeP651905
Crown HS (New)P651909
Montgomery County Airpark Land Acquisition - Merchant Tire PropertyP391901
Montgomery County Airpark Land Acquisition - Leet-Melbrook PropertyP391902
Public Safety Communications CenterP471802
Teachers Way ExtendedP501916
Salt Storage FacilityP361902
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