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Expenditures by Fund
Revenues by Fund
Expenditure Data
OrderCost CenterCost Center NameFundTypeAccountAccount NameAmount
1C23103Public Info - Publications & GraphicsF001 - General Fund50010Full Time SalariesPersonnel Costs94500.83
2C23103Public Info - Publications & GraphicsF001 - General Fund52002Group InsurancePersonnel Costs11651.00
3C23103Public Info - Publications & GraphicsF001 - General Fund53016RSPPersonnel Costs7560.07
4C23103Public Info - Publications & GraphicsF001 - General Fund51004Social Security- FICA MedicaidPersonnel Costs1370.26
5C23103Public Info - Publications & GraphicsF001 - General Fund51002Social Security- FICAPersonnel Costs5859.05
6C23105MC311F001 - General Fund53006Retirement- Charges to OthersPersonnel Costs-318.60
7C23105MC311F001 - General Fund52120PrescriptionPersonnel Costs0.00
8C23105MC311F001 - General Fund50324OvertimePersonnel Costs3296.00
9C23105MC311F001 - General Fund52110DentalPersonnel Costs0.00
10C23105MC311F001 - General Fund50420Lapse (Planning)Personnel Costs-102744.00
11C23105MC311F001 - General Fund52004Group Insurance- Charges to OthersPersonnel Costs-394.95
12C23105MC311F001 - General Fund51020Other Non-Workforce FICAPersonnel Costs-7607.77
13C23105MC311F001 - General Fund50010Full Time SalariesPersonnel Costs2489824.09
14C23105MC311F001 - General Fund51002Social Security- FICAPersonnel Costs154089.43
15C23105MC311F001 - General Fund53060Other Non-Workforce RetirementPersonnel Costs-12432.02
16C23105MC311F001 - General Fund52130VisionPersonnel Costs0.00
17C23105MC311F001 - General Fund52060Other Non-Workforce Group InsurancePersonnel Costs-15411.60
18C23105MC311F001 - General Fund53020GRIPPersonnel Costs32952.03
19C23105MC311F001 - General Fund51008Social Security- Charge to OthersPersonnel Costs-201.43
20C23105MC311F001 - General Fund52002Group InsurancePersonnel Costs422348.75
21C23105MC311F001 - General Fund53016RSPPersonnel Costs103710.88
22C23105MC311F001 - General Fund51004Social Security- FICA MedicaidPersonnel Costs36102.45
23C23105MC311F001 - General Fund50099Budget Adjustment (Salary)Personnel Costs-25564.00
24C23105MC311F001 - General Fund53018ERSPersonnel Costs111699.71
25C23105MC311F001 - General Fund50400Salary Charges To OthersPersonnel Costs-2633.02
26C23105MC311F001 - General Fund52150Life InsurancePersonnel Costs0.00
27C23105MC311F001 - General Fund52140Long Term DisabilityPersonnel Costs0.00
28C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund53020GRIPPersonnel Costs8064.46
29C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund51002Social Security- FICAPersonnel Costs41758.23
30C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund50010Full Time SalariesPersonnel Costs747047.46
31C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund53016RSPPersonnel Costs39628.97
32C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund51004Social Security- FICA MedicaidPersonnel Costs10832.19
33C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund52002Group InsurancePersonnel Costs83304.65
34Personnel Costs Total4238293.12
35C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund63504Daily Rental Motor PoolOperating Expenses4559.00
36C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund63202Central Dup - Postage - IndividualOperating Expenses500.00
37C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund62952Other Supplies And MaterialsOperating Expenses120.00
38C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund63020Office Machines/Copier LeasesOperating Expenses2770.00
39C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund62010General Office SuppliesOperating Expenses500.00
40C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund60052Information System ServicesOperating Expenses230.00
41C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund63500Assigned Motor Pool VehiclesOperating Expenses-610.00
42C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund63206Inter-Office Mail/Pony ChargeOperating Expenses350.00
43C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund62022Paper & Supplies For CopiersOperating Expenses1000.00
44C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund63022Other Central Dup Svc - PrintingOperating Expenses700.00
45C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund60314Maint - Computer SystemsOperating Expenses500.00
46C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund63200Central Dup - Postage - BulkOperating Expenses850.00
47C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund63016ImagingOperating Expenses310.00
48C23102Public Information - InformationF001 - General Fund60076Professional Purchase Of ServiceOperating Expenses101820.00
49C23105MC311F001 - General Fund63020Office Machines/Copier LeasesOperating Expenses5000.00
50C23105MC311F001 - General Fund64010Metropolitan Area TravelOperating Expenses2500.00
51C23105MC311F001 - General Fund69999Other Misc Operating ExpensesOperating Expenses24499.00
52C23105MC311F001 - General Fund62914Kitchen SuppliesOperating Expenses1000.00
53C23105MC311F001 - General Fund63600Local Telephone Service ChargesOperating Expenses0.00
54C23105MC311F001 - General Fund64200Professional Memberships (Individual)Operating Expenses2500.00
55C23105MC311F001 - General Fund63022Other Central Dup Svc - PrintingOperating Expenses7349.00
56C23105MC311F001 - General Fund61010Computer Equip Repairs/MaintOperating Expenses10000.00
57C23105MC311F001 - General Fund63500Assigned Motor Pool VehiclesOperating Expenses-1161.00
58C23105MC311F001 - General Fund62010General Office SuppliesOperating Expenses5000.00
59C23105MC311F001 - General Fund60168Temporary Office ClericalOperating Expenses500000.00
60C23105MC311F001 - General Fund64120Other EducationOperating Expenses50000.00
61C23105MC311F001 - General Fund61012CopierOperating Expenses9590.00
62C23105MC311F001 - General Fund63200Central Dup - Postage - BulkOperating Expenses10000.00
63C23105MC311F001 - General Fund63618BlackberriesOperating Expenses2500.00
64C23105MC311F001 - General Fund60056Interpreter ServicesOperating Expenses50000.00
65C23105MC311F001 - General Fund62028Other Supplies & EquipmentOperating Expenses10000.00
66C23105MC311F001 - General Fund64304Advertising - Marketing/SalesOperating Expenses19373.00
67C23104Public Info - Cable ProgrammingF001 - General Fund63504Daily Rental Motor PoolOperating Expenses387.00
68C23103Public Info - Publications & GraphicsF001 - General Fund63202Central Dup - Postage - IndividualOperating Expenses40.00
69C23103Public Info - Publications & GraphicsF001 - General Fund62952Other Supplies And MaterialsOperating Expenses20880.00
70C23103Public Info - Publications & GraphicsF001 - General Fund63022Other Central Dup Svc - PrintingOperating Expenses-1998.00
71Operating Expenses Total841058.00
72General Fund Total5079351.12
Revenue Data