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Program Contacts

Contact Mary Lou Wirdzek of the Sheriff's Office at 240.777.7078 or Richard H. Harris of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2795 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Sheriff's Office is to provide general law enforcement, judicial enforcement, and specialized public safety services to the residents of Montgomery County in a lawful, fair, impartial, and non-discriminatory manner and to ensure that Court mandates are carried out with respect for individual rights and freedoms. The Sheriff's Office is committed to establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with all other law enforcement, governmental, criminal justice agencies, and the Courts to ensure that the residents of Montgomery County receive the full range of law enforcement services required for a safe and orderly society.

Budget Overview

The total approved FY18 Operating Budget for the Sheriff's Office is $24,198,527, an increase of $1,214,330 or 5.28 percent from the FY17 Approved Budget of $22,984,197. Personnel Costs comprise 87.05 percent of the budget for 187 full-time position(s) and five part-time position(s), and a total of 189.80 FTEs. Total FTEs may include seasonal or temporary positions and may also reflect workforce charged to or from other departments or funds. Operating Expenses account for the remaining 12.95 percent of the FY18 budget.

Linkage to County Result Areas

While this program area supports all eight of the County Result Areas, the following are emphasized:

  • A Responsive, Accountable County Government
  • Safe Streets and Secure Neighborhoods

Department Performance Measures

Performance measures for this department are included below (where applicable), with multi-program measures displayed at the front of this section and program-specific measures shown with the relevant program. The FY17 estimates reflect funding based on the FY17 approved budget. The FY18 and FY19 figures are performance targets based on the FY18 approved budget and funding for comparable service levels in FY19.


  • In 2016, the FJC, in collaboration with the Montgomery County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council and Montgomery County Public Schools, helped coordinate the 7th Annual Choose Respect Montgomery Healthy Teen Dating Conference with a grant from Verizon. The educational portion of the conference included identifying the warning signs of abusive relationships, learning how technology can be a tool used for violence, and learning what resources are available in the community for those involved in abusive relationships.

  • The FJC recently expanded its pro bono legal services program by bringing a new partner, DVS Legal Services, on-site in September. Now the House of Ruth Maryland and DVS Legal Services are on-site providing pro bono legal representation to make sure legal services are available to all clients that want to receive them.

  • The FJC, in partnership with the Montgomery County Commission for Women, Public Information Office, other county agencies, and community partners, developed a countywide public information campaign on domestic violence to coincide with Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October). The campaign includes ads in County RideOn buses and short Public Service Announcement videos featuring domestic violence survivors.

  • The FJC, in collaboration with other County agencies and community organizations, reconvened the Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team to review domestic violence-related fatalities at regularly scheduled meetings, and provide recommendations for improvements in the coordinated community response to domestic violence.


  • The Family Justice Center (FJC), in collaboration with the Domestic Violence Coordinating Council, is working to bring supervised visitation and monitored exchange services to Montgomery County. This initiative will provide a safe and secure environment where parents can exchange and/or visit with their children. These services are particularly essential in volatile situations such as cases of intimate partner violence and high-conflict custody disputes.

Program Descriptions


This division provides general administrative support to the Sheriff's Office including personnel and labor relation matters, planning and policy, training, background investigations, payroll, purchasing, internal investigations, automation, grants, and budget-related functions. The Administrative Division provides technical support for the Sheriff's Records Management System (E*Justice). The Administrative Division also oversees the Sheriff's compliance with recognized accreditation standards. The Assistant Sheriffs direct research and development of policies, procedures, and regulations to meet professional standards developed for law enforcement agencies.

The Assistant Sheriffs also oversee internal investigations, represent the Sheriff's Office in legislative matters, and provide legal direction. The Sheriff's Office participates in school functions, civic association meetings, and serves on commissions and committees. The Sheriff's Office serves on applicant, promotional, and disciplinary boards of other public safety agencies. Administrative personnel organize and teach in-service and specialized deputy training and periodic weapons qualification, as required by the Maryland Police Training Commission. The Sheriff's Office also participates in law enforcement task forces and units such as the Special Response Team, Special Events Response Team, and Hostage Negotiation Team in cooperation with the Montgomery County Police Department, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, and other law enforcement agencies, and in responses to mutual-aid calls as necessary.

Program Performance MeasuresActual
Number of Interim and Temporary Peace Orders served 115061421142114211421
Number of Interim and Temporary Protective Orders served 21819*2331233123312331
Number of safety check violations resulting in arrest 312111
Number of weapons seized as a result of Protective Orders 4219203**150150150
1  The Sheriff's Office is required to immediately serve Court issued Peace and Protective orders in cases where petitioners seek protection from abuse. Each year, a higher number of Interim and Temporary Orders are received that require full processing through State and Federal law enforcement databases prior to physical service of the orders on the respondent.
2  *The increase in the number of orders is attributed to community awareness initiatives as well as a change in the law that eliminated the requirement that the victim must have resided with the respondent for at least 90 days.
3  Safety checks involve efforts by Sheriff's deputies to ensure that victims are safe and court orders are being obeyed after the issuance of an Interim or Temporary Order. Safety checks are conducted by site visit or phone.
4  **The FY17 figure is based on partial-year data, which has not yet had significant individual gun seizure events like in prior years.

  Courtroom/Courthouse Security and Transport

The Sheriff's Office provides security for the Montgomery County Circuit Court. The Sheriff's Office is also responsible for transporting prisoners between the Montgomery County Correctional Facility (MCCF), Montgomery County Detention Center (MCDC), and various jails and court-holding facilities, as well as to and from healthcare facilities. The Sheriff's Office also guards prisoners while at these facilities. When a writ is received from other counties, deputies are required to transport MCDC and MCCF prisoners to other Maryland District and Circuit Courts. The Sheriff's Office administers temporary detention facilities in the Silver Spring and Rockville District Courts, the Circuit Court for adult prisoners as well as the Juvenile Court holding facility located in the South Tower of the Circuit Court complex.

The Sheriff's Office provides security for the County's Circuit Court and operates X-ray machines and magnetometers to screen visitors entering the buildings at three public entrances. The Sheriff's Office uses trained canines to detect explosives, weapons, and to serve as a general crime deterrent within the courthouses.

The Sheriff's Office Canine Section is also the primary responder for explosive device detection calls, Monday through Friday and responds to mutual-aid calls from the Montgomery County Police Department, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services, and other law enforcement agencies as necessary.

  Civil Process

The Sheriff's Office is mandated to serve all civil processes as directed by the Courts or private litigants and file returns to the Court. These papers include summonses, subpoenas, failure-to-pay rent notices, and other court documents. The Civil Process function is supported by deputies, who research and serve papers, and by administrative staff, who maintain the tracking process. The Sheriff's Office also executes court-ordered attachments, personal and real property seizures, and replevins (a civil action to recover property wrongfully held). As a final step in resolution of a court judgment, the Sheriff's Office conducts sales of seized or attached property. In the case of evictions, the Sheriff's Office restores real property to property owners by evicting tenants and their possessions as directed by the Court. When appropriate, tenants are referred to human service agencies.

  Criminal Process/Warrants and Extraditions

The Sheriff's Office is responsible for serving District Court civil warrants, District Court criminal warrants associated with domestic violence, all Circuit Court warrants, both adult and juvenile, and Child Support Enforcement warrants. The Warrant Section maintains on-line warrants in the following systems: Maryland Electronic Telecommunications Enforcement Resource System (METERS), National Crime Information Center (NCIC), and E*Justice. METERS and NCIC are used to share data with other state and federal systems. E*Justice is a local database used by Montgomery County law enforcement agencies to track warrants. It also interfaces with LInX to enable data sharing with law enforcement agencies in the National Capital Region. The Sheriff's Office also conducts investigations to locate and apprehend those fugitives for whom the Sheriff's Office holds a warrant. In addition, the Sheriff's Office is responsible for returning fugitives to Montgomery County from other jurisdictions for outstanding Circuit Court warrants and processing those fugitives when returned.

  Domestic Violence

The Sheriff's Office is the lead agency in Montgomery County for serving court orders related to domestic violence, including Protective and Peace Orders. The Office is also responsible for serving Child Custody orders. The Sheriff's Office Domestic Violence Section serves domestic violence court orders twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Section works collectively with other County agencies to ensure that the petitioners are referred to essential County services available to them and their families. In an effort to enhance protection for the victims of domestic violence, the Sheriff's Office offers cellular phones to domestic violence victims. The Sheriff's Office also serves Emergency Evaluation Petitions that include obtaining custody and transporting residents to the hospital for court ordered mental evaluation.

In collaboration with state, local, and private agencies and the support of the Maryland Judiciary, the Montgomery County Family Justice Center (FJC) implemented video court hearings for Temporary Protective Orders in December 2010. This pilot video hearing project was the first of its kind in Maryland. The equipment was donated by the Verizon Wireless Hopeline Foundation through the Montgomery County Family Justice Center Foundation, Inc.. Protective Order hearings are conducted by video from the center allowing petitioners to use FJC services instead of waiting at court for a hearing. While at the FJC, petitioners are able to receive other emergency and social services in a timely manner that previously took numerous phone calls, travel to multiple locations, and days to receive.

Budget Summary
Salaries and Wages13922778.0014575872.00 14752985.00 15382493.005.5
Employee Benefits6429252.005201129.00 5143289.00 5124539.00-1.5
County General Fund Personnel Costs20352030.0019777001.00 19896274.00 20507032.003.7
Operating Expenses2670333.002477639.00 2582462.00 2859414.0015.4
County General Fund Expenditures23022363.0022254640.00 22478736.00 23366446.005.0
Full-Time173.00179.00 179.00 179.000.0
Part-Time4.005.00 5.00 5.000.0
FTEs178.33184.83 184.83 184.880.0
Facility Rental Fees0.00500.00 500.00 500.000.0
Miscellaneous Revenues150.004000.00 4000.00 4000.000.0
Other Charges/Fees34481.0020000.00 20000.00 20000.000.0
Other Intergovernmental0.0020460.00 20460.00 20460.000.0
Sheriff Fees918546.001200000.00 1200000.00 1200000.000.0
County General Fund Revenues953177.001244960.00 1244960.00 1244960.000.0
Salaries and Wages421586.00395562.00 395562.00 414720.004.8
Employee Benefits213681.00152486.00 152486.00 144099.00-5.5
Grant Fund - MCG Personnel Costs635267.00548048.00 548048.00 558819.002.0
Operating Expenses171417.00181509.00 181509.00 273262.0050.6
Grant Fund - MCG Expenditures806684.00729557.00 729557.00 832081.0014.1
Full-Time8.008.00 8.00 8.000.0
Part-Time0.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
FTEs4.974.97 4.97 4.92-1.0
Federal Grants783400.00729557.00 729557.00 832081.0014.1
Miscellaneous Revenues7986.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
State Grants27387.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Grant Fund - MCG Revenues818773.00729557.00 729557.00 832081.0014.1
Total Expenditures23829047.0022984197.00 23208293.00 24198527.005.3
Total Full-Time Positions181.00187.00 187.00 187.000.0
Total Part-Time Positions4.005.00 5.00 5.000.0
Total FTEs183.30189.80 189.80 189.800.0
Total Revenues1771950.001974517.00 1974517.00 2077041.005.2
FY18 Approved Changes
Other Adjustments (with no service impacts)
Increase Cost: FY18 Compensation Adjustment6287620.00
Increase Cost: Deputy Recruit Training -- Increase class size from 9 to 20 recruits4718870.00
Increase Cost: Courthouse Security Contract [Courtroom/Courthouse Security and Transport]2652650.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY17 Compensation Increases971890.00
Increase Cost: Promotional Exams800000.00
Increase Cost: Motor Pool Adjustment235750.00
Increase Cost: Replace Service Tasers177890.00
Increase Cost: Replace Service Firearms171780.00
Technical Adj: Align Grant [Domestic Violence]00.05
Decrease Cost: Printing and Mail-90320.00
Decrease Cost: Elimination of One-Time Items Approved in FY17-570000.00
Decrease Cost: Retirement Adjustment-873530.00
Decrease Cost: Annualization of FY17 Personnel Costs-3364540.00
FY18 APPROVED23366446184.88
Federal/State Programs
Enhance: Increase Grant Award for Child Support1030240.00
Reduce: Reduce Revenue for Protective Order Grant-500-0.05
FY18 APPROVED8320814.92
Program Summary
Program NameFY17 APPR
Courtroom/Courthouse Security and Transport859847877.50885882075.50
Civil Process244396025.14268948626.14
Criminal Process/Warrants and Extraditions239516921.00230575820.00
Domestic Violence465657945.19482111946.24
Future Fiscal Impacts ($000s)
FY18 Approved23366.00000023366.00000023366.00000023366.00000023366.00000023366.000000
No inflation or compensation change is included in outyear projections.
FY19 Cost of Winter Recruit Class0.00000083.0000000.0000000.0000000.0000000.000000
This item represents the FY19 cost of recruits in the FY18 winter training class, which stretches into FY19.
Bi-Directional Antenna Master Lease0.000000-16.000000-16.000000-16.000000-16.000000-16.000000
A master lease for the bi-directional antenna expires in FY19.
Promotional Exams0.000000-80.0000000.000000-80.0000000.000000-80.000000
Promotional exams will be performed in FY18. They are offered every other year.
Labor Contracts0.000000191.000000191.000000191.000000191.000000191.000000
These figures represent the estimated annualized cost of general wage adjustments, service increments, and other negotiated items.
Subtotal Expenditures23366.00000023544.00000023541.00000023461.00000023541.00000023461.000000