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Mission Statement

The mission of Parking District Services is to:

  • Support the role of public parking in commercial areas throughout the County. Parking management is an important tool for achieving public objectives of economic development and transportation management;
  • Support the comprehensive development of the Silver Spring, Bethesda, and Wheaton central business districts and promote their economic growth and stability by supplying a sufficient number of parking spaces to accommodate that segment of the public demand which is neither provided for by development nor served by alternative travel modes;
  • Promote and complement a total transportation system through the careful balance of rates and parking supply to encourage the use of the most efficient and economical transportation modes available; and
  • Develop and implement parking management strategies designed to maximize the usage of the available parking supply in order to enhance the economic development of specific central business districts.


Budget Overview

The total approved FY18 Operating Budget for the Parking Districts is $27,777,906, an increase of $429,144 or 1.57 percent from the FY17 Approved Budget of $27,348,762. Personnel Costs comprise 18.86 percent of the budget for 53 full-time position(s) and no part-time position(s), and a total of 48.53 FTEs. Total FTEs may include seasonal or temporary positions and may also reflect workforce charged to or from other departments or funds. Operating Expenses account for the remaining 81.14 percent of the FY18 budget.

In addition, this department's Capital Improvements Program (CIP) requires Current Revenue funding.

Linkage to County Result Areas

While this program area supports all eight of the County Result Areas, the following are emphasized:

  • An Effective and Efficient Transportation Network
  • A Responsive, Accountable County Government
  • Strong and Vibrant Economy


Department Performance Measures

Performance measures for this department are included below (where applicable), with multi-program measures displayed at the front of this section and program-specific measures shown with the relevant program. The FY17 estimates reflect funding based on the FY17 approved budget. The FY18 and FY19 figures are performance targets based on the FY18 approved budget and funding for comparable service levels in FY19.


  • Managed the Wheaton Redevelopment Project from the Schematic Design stage to the 50% Construction Documents design stage, including the addition of two floors, a geothermal system, and environmental remediation, and waterproofing for the underground garage. At the same time, managed the interior design process for seven user agencies, and coordination with multiple county agencies and other government agencies such as WMATA and SHA.
  • Four additional electric vehicle (EV) charging stations were installed in garages in Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Wheaton. These new stations bring the total number of EV charging stations in County-owned parking facilities to 12 stations (24 spaces).
  • Launched a new responsive design for the Division of Parking Management homepage. The website enhances the visitor's experience by enabling content to be viewed through the use of multiple devices such as mobile, laptop, or desktop computer.
  • Drafted a campaign, designed and launched the PARK(ing) Day webpage. PARK(ing) Day is an annual, global event to provide residents, businesses, and organizations an opportunity to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into fun, park-like spots to stimulate conversations about the use of the urban landscape.



  • Consolidate the Montgomery Hills Parking Lot District (PLD) into the Silver Spring PLD
  • Develop and test the viability of using License Plate Reader (LPR) technologies for parking access control at the Woodmont Corner Garage in Bethesda.
  • Establish a parking guidance system directing visitors to the Capital Crescent and Bethesda/Elm Garages. New "dynamic signage" will be installed at key decision points in the Bethesda downtown area. Signage will display real-time space availability and hourly rates to assist motorists in locating a parking facility with available spaces and evaluate pricing options.
  • Expansion of the Garage Advertisement Program, which allows businesses to deliver customized messages to patrons, to additional Parking Lot District garages and surface lots.


Innovations and Productivity Improvements

  • For the first time, a Demand Pricing approach was used to set parking rates at three (3) Bethesda garages. Parking rates were increased to $1.00 per hour at three (3) high demand parking garages in Bethesda (St. Elmo, Woodmont, and Bethesda Avenue Garages). All other garages remained at $0.80 per hour. The goal is to optimize the use of existing parking resources by redistributing parking demand.
  • The new Wheaton Reedie/Grandview Ave. Garage will feature LED lighting fixtures, EV charging stations, low emission vehicles preferred parking spaces, and increased security measures through additional cameras and security call buttons. The Wheaton Office building will be the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certified government facility in Maryland featuring a geothermal system and solar panels in the roof areas.

Program Descriptions


This program supports the Parking Services program objectives through the management of Information Technology and customer service to optimize organizational effectiveness and the delivery of services to the public. Additionally, the program strategically plans for all components of the re-development of Parking Lot District (PLD) real property to promote the economic growth and stability of associated urban districts. The program's responsibilities are for drafting and releasing Requests for Development Proposals; generating property appraisals; negotiations and overseeing the execution of General Development Agreements; and Purchase Sales Agreements, including related development documents. The program also leads project management efforts including design and construction of PLD real property as part of mixed-use re-development projects.

  Financial Management

The Financial Management Program has overall responsibility for the recordation, reconciliation, and audit of all parking district revenue. In addition, this program has primary responsibility for the development and execution of the Division Budget and Capital Improvements Program in coordination with other programs and the associated 6 Year Fiscal Cash Flows for the Parking Lot District Enterprise Funds. Also included are Accounts Payable activities and all procurement actions. It is also responsible for revenue bond debt, fixed assets, and utilities programs. This program serves as the primary point of contact for the Department of Finance in the preparation of the annual financial statements of the three Parking Lot District enterprise funds and in responding to any inquiries from the auditors of those statements.

Program Performance MeasuresActual
Customer satisfaction rate for Parking Lot Districts (PLDs) 1N/A2.91N/A3.00N/A
Parking Management cost efficiency (ratio of expenses to revenues)5761859490
Parking Management revenue generated ($ millions)42.943.533.035.335.5
Parking Management operating expenditures ($ millions)24.626.328.028.628.6
1  Rating on a scale of 1 to 4 with 4=best

  Engineering and Capital Management

The Capital Projects Team provides engineering and project Management for the design and construction of new parking facilities, including mixed-use projects. The program also includes renovating and improving existing parking facilities to ensure the preservation and integrity of the parking system and its continued service to the public. This program also evaluates energy usage and recommends and implements improvements that reduce the amount of energy used by off-street facilities. The Planning Team administers advertising in PLD garages, outreach to users, and the Division's innovation initiatives. Additionally, the program participates in planning for all components of the growth and redevelopment of PLD properties to promote economic growth and stability of associated urban districts. This is done using short-term demand studies and long-term strategic plans and usage projections. The Maintenance Team provides the maintenance of all parking lots, garages, and surrounding grounds. Facilities maintenance is programmed at a level which is designed to ensure the operational integrity of the facilities and the safety of parking patrons. Maintenance of parking facilities includes: snow and ice removal; housekeeping services; equipment maintenance for elevators, electrical systems, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems (HVAC); facility repairs for maintenance of damaged glass, asphalt, concrete, plumbing, painting, space stripes, graffiti, doorframes, brick and block, meter posts, and woodwork due to vandalism, use, and age; and grounds-keeping services.

  Parking Operations

This unit has overall responsibility for the collection and processing of all parking revenue, including revenue from individual meters, automated pay stations, cashiered facilities, parking permits, and parking fines. Additionally it provides support to the Mass Transit Fund in the processing of bus revenue for deposit. The program is also responsible for the management of the parking citation database and provides management of the appeal process for all parking tickets written within the County. Parking Operations maintains regularly scheduled parking enforcement patrols in all Parking Lot Districts (PLDs), residential permit areas outside the PLDs, and other designated County facilities. In addition, this program provides a comprehensive meter maintenance program to ensure all meter devices function properly. Augmenting the public safety mission of the County Police, this unit also provides contract security guard services for parking facilities to detect and report theft, vandalism, and threats to personal security. Security support is also provided by the Silver Spring Clean and Safe Team. Parking Operations also manages and executes the Parking Outside the Parking Districts Program funded by the County's General Fund.

Budget Trends
Program Contacts

Contact Jose Thommana of the Parking Districts at 240.777.8732 or Corey Orlosky of the Office of Management and Budget at 240.777.2762 for more information regarding this department's operating budget.

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Budget Summary
Salaries and Wages1609984.001637679.00 1614640.00 1656092.001.1
Employee Benefits572538.00593867.00 582231.00 612605.003.2
Parking District - Bethesda Personnel Costs2182522.002231546.00 2196871.00 2268697.001.7
Operating Expenses7004984.007992313.00 8014820.00 8034571.000.5
Capital Outlay13405.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Debt Service Other4830444.004574348.00 4592348.00 4633604.001.3
Parking District - Bethesda Expenditures14031355.0014798207.00 14804039.00 14936872.000.9
Full-Time29.0029.00 29.00 29.000.0
Part-Time0.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
FTEs20.8420.39 20.39 19.88-2.5
Investment Income23239.0039990.00 38690.00 66330.0065.9
Land Sale0.000.00 0.00 900000.000.0
Miscellaneous Revenues545547.00284120.00 284120.00 284120.000.0
Parking Fees13506869.0014105081.00 14105081.00 15555081.0010.3
Parking Fines3320459.003250000.00 3250000.00 3250000.000.0
Property Rentals772278.0040000.00 40000.00 160000.00300.0
Property Tax-204625.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Parking District - Bethesda Revenues17963767.0017719191.00 17717891.00 20215531.0014.1
Salaries and Wages1655491.001802310.00 1723838.00 1889648.004.9
Employee Benefits583972.00658483.00 581504.00 691859.005.1
Parking District - Silver Spring Personnel Costs2239463.002460793.00 2305342.00 2581507.004.9
Operating Expenses8385357.008637324.00 8787628.00 8851735.002.5
Capital Outlay13405.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Parking District - Silver Spring Expenditures10638225.0011098117.00 11092970.00 11433242.003.0
Full-Time20.0020.00 20.00 21.005.0
Part-Time0.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
FTEs24.5824.30 24.30 25.233.8
Facility Rental Fees-108.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Fire Code Enforcement Permits-28.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Investment Income65121.0095840.00 126480.00 222240.00131.9
Miscellaneous Revenues10624511.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Parking Fees10866047.0010661253.00 10661253.00 10706253.000.4
Parking Fines1819110.001869689.00 1869689.00 1897689.001.5
Property Rentals7515.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Property Tax-395535.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Parking District - Silver Spring Revenues22986633.0012626782.00 12657422.00 12826182.001.6
Salaries and Wages35801.0039355.00 31032.00 0.00-100.0
Employee Benefits11147.0011514.00 17291.00 0.00-100.0
Parking District - Montgomery Hills Personnel Costs46948.0050869.00 48323.00 0.00-100.0
Operating Expenses30161.0033398.00 35239.00 0.00-100.0
Parking District - Montgomery Hills Expenditures77109.0084267.00 83562.00 0.00-100.0
Full-Time0.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Part-Time0.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
FTEs0.470.42 0.42 0.00-100.0
Investment Income1608.004270.00 3160.00 0.00-100.0
Miscellaneous Revenues-833.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Parking Fees37710.0045000.00 45000.00 0.00-100.0
Parking Fines36538.0028000.00 28000.00 0.00-100.0
Property Tax135.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Parking District - Montgomery Hills Revenues75158.0077270.00 76160.00 0.00-100.0
Salaries and Wages272984.00275322.00 265203.00 281955.002.4
Employee Benefits97755.00103519.00 103323.00 107129.003.5
Parking District - Wheaton Personnel Costs370739.00378841.00 368526.00 389084.002.7
Operating Expenses777036.00989330.00 1000411.00 1018708.003.0
Parking District - Wheaton Expenditures1147775.001368171.00 1368937.00 1407792.002.9
Full-Time3.003.00 3.00 3.000.0
Part-Time0.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
FTEs3.443.42 3.42 3.420.0
Investment Income4346.007140.00 8550.00 14660.00105.3
Miscellaneous Revenues69814.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Parking Fees938053.00815000.00 815000.00 725000.00-11.0
Parking Fines432622.00511000.00 511000.00 476000.00-6.8
Property Tax-57482.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Parking District - Wheaton Revenues1387353.001333140.00 1334550.00 1215660.00-8.8
Total Expenditures25894464.0027348762.00 27349508.00 27777906.001.6
Total Full-Time Positions52.0052.00 52.00 53.001.9
Total Part-Time Positions0.000.00 0.00 0.000.0
Total FTEs49.3348.53 48.53 48.530.0
Total Revenues42412911.0031756383.00 31786023.00 34257373.007.9
FY18 Approved Changes
Other Adjustments (with no service impacts)
Increase Cost: Janitorial Services828000.00
Increase Cost: FY18 Compensation Adjustment468380.00
Increase Cost: Security contract [Parking Operations]256440.00
Technical Adj: Other Professional Services [Financial Management]198810.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY17 Compensation Increases118190.00
Increase Cost: Retirement Adjustment94010.00
Increase Cost: Risk Management Adjustment11080.00
Increase Cost: Debt Service6930.00
Decrease Cost: Printing and Mail-25120.00
Decrease Cost: Retiree Health Insurance Pre-Funding-38500.00
Decrease Cost: Finance Chargeback-96120.00
Technical Adj: Other Miscellaneous Operating Expenses [Parking Operations]-198810.00
Decrease Cost: Annualization of FY17 Personnel Costs-23664-0.51
FY18 APPROVED1493687219.88
Other Adjustments (with no service impacts)
Increase Cost: Janitorial Services1242000.00
Shift: From Montgomery Hills PLD842670.42
Increase Cost: Service and Maintenance Agreement for Multi Space Meters - ITS Mid Atlantic (ITS)630000.00
Increase Cost: FY18 Compensation Adjustment 513280.00
Increase Cost: Security contract [Parking Operations]339480.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY17 Compensation Increases125950.00
Increase Cost: Retirement Adjustment83490.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY17 Personnel Costs41800.51
Increase Cost: Risk Management Adjustment6670.00
Decrease Cost: Retiree Health Insurance Pre-Funding-26400.00
Decrease Cost: Finance Chargeback-87690.00
Decrease Cost: Elimination of One-Time Items Approved in FY17-360000.00
FY18 APPROVED1143324225.23
Other Adjustments (with no service impacts)
Shift: To Silver Spring PLD-84267-0.42
Other Adjustments (with no service impacts)
Increase Cost: Janitorial Services230000.00
Increase Cost: FY18 Compensation Adjustment77370.00
Increase Cost: Security contract [Parking Operations]71640.00
Increase Cost: Retirement Adjustment19220.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY17 Compensation Increases18390.00
Increase Cost: Risk Management Adjustment290.00
Increase Cost: Annualization of FY17 Personnel Costs140.00
Decrease Cost: Retiree Health Insurance Pre-Funding-4000.00
Decrease Cost: Finance Chargeback-16840.00
FY18 APPROVED14077923.42
Program Summary
Program NameFY17 APPR
Financial Management79280195.1093065227.00
Engineering and Capital Management643814421.40667006020.50
Parking Operations1095675515.231101897415.23
Future Fiscal Impacts ($000s)
FY18 Approved14937.00000014937.00000014937.00000014937.00000014937.00000014937.000000
No inflation or compensation change is included in outyear projections.
Emergency Backup Batters in Garages0.00000039.0000000.00000039.0000000.00000039.000000
Replacement every two years.
Retiree Health Insurance Pre-Funding0.0000001.0000002.0000003.0000003.0000003.000000
Labor Contracts0.00000017.00000017.00000017.00000017.00000017.000000
These figures represent the estimated annualized cost of general wage adjustments, service increments, and other negotiated items.
Subtotal Expenditures14937.00000014994.00000014956.00000014996.00000014957.00000014996.000000
FY18 Approved11433.00000011433.00000011433.00000011433.00000011433.00000011433.000000
No inflation or compensation change is included in outyear projections.
Emergency Backup Batters in Garages0.00000057.0000000.00000057.0000000.00000057.000000
Replacement every two years.
Retiree Health Insurance Pre-Funding0.0000000.0000001.0000002.0000002.0000002.000000
Labor Contracts0.00000018.00000018.00000018.00000018.00000018.000000
These figures represent the estimated annualized cost of general wage adjustments, service increments, and other negotiated items.
Subtotal Expenditures11433.00000011508.00000011452.00000011510.00000011453.00000011510.000000
FY18 Approved1408.0000001408.0000001408.0000001408.0000001408.0000001408.000000
No inflation or compensation change is included in outyear projections.
Emergency Backup Batters in Garages0.00000022.0000000.00000022.0000000.00000022.000000
Replacement every two years.
Retiree Health Insurance Pre-Funding0.0000000.0000000.0000000.0000000.0000000.000000
Labor Contracts0.0000003.0000003.0000003.0000003.0000003.000000
These figures represent the estimated annualized cost of general wage adjustments, service increments, and other negotiated items.
Subtotal Expenditures1408.0000001433.0000001411.0000001433.0000001411.0000001433.000000