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Human Resources Division Program
Personnel Costs & Operating Expenses

The breakdown below shows personnel costs & operating expenses for Fire and Rescue Service's Human Resources Division Program. Click on each one to view the operating expenses vs personnel costs breakdown. To view all details about this department, including highlights, performance program descriptions and more... click here


ExpensesFTE'sAppropriationGraph of Total
Operating Expenses36 19179401drill down
Personnel Costs36 10561324drill down

Human Resources Division Program (PC & OE)
Expenditure Distribution

Total Recommended vs Approved Expenditures by Year

Detailed Breakdown of Recommended vs Approved Expenditures
Expenses2017 REC2017 APPR2018 REC2018 APPR
Operating Expenses19017316190173161917940119179401
Personnel Costs12295832128277891056132410561324