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The Revenue Authority is an instrumentality of Montgomery County and a public corporation created in accordance with State law in 1957 to construct and operate a variety of self-supporting projects. The Revenue Authority Board consists of six members. Five members serve five-year staggered terms and are appointed by the County Executive, subject to confirmation by the County Council. A sixth member, the Chief Administrative Officer or designee, was added when Chapter 42 of the County Code was amended in 1998. The Revenue Authority is authorized to issue its own revenue bonds and other debt, which are repaid solely from...

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Project NameProject #Sub Category
Crossvines Poolesville Economic Development Project P391801Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Falls Road Golf Course ImprovementsP392301Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Hampshire Greens Golf Course ImprovementsP392501Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Little Bennett Golf CourseP392307Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Montgomery County Airpark - Rehabilitate Runway LightingP392308Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Montgomery County Airpark - Road RelocationP392309Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Montgomery County Airpark Land Acquisition - Leet-Melbrook PropertyP391902Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Montgomery County Airpark Land Acquisition - Merchant Tire PropertyP391901Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Montgomery County Airpark- North End HangarP392502Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Montgomery County Revenue Authority Office RelocationP392303Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Needwood Golf CourseP392306Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Northwest Golf CourseP392305Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Poolesville Golf CourseP392302Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
Rattlewood Golf CourseP392304Miscellaneous Projects (Revenue Authority)
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