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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) is a bi-county agency established by the State of Maryland in 1927 to prepare comprehensive land use and transportation plans as well as acquire, develop, maintain and operate a park system for Montgomery and Prince George's Counties. M-NCPPC is governed by a ten-member commission consisting of two five-member Planning Boards. The Planning Boards are appointed by and represent their respective counties.The Montgomery County Planning Board oversees 37,200 acres of parkland and 421 parks and open space areas. Most of the County's park acreage is found in large Countywide (non-local) Parks that...

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Project NameProject #Sub Category
Acquisition: Local ParksP767828Acquisition
Acquisition: Non-Local ParksP998798Acquisition
ALARF: M-NCPPCP727007Acquisition
Bethesda Park Impact PaymentP872002Acquisition
Legacy Open SpaceP018710Acquisition
Legacy Urban SpaceP872104Acquisition
Mid-County Park Benefit PaymentsP872201Acquisition
Park AcquisitionsP872301Acquisition
Silver Spring Park Benefit PaymentP872502Acquisition
ADA Compliance: Local ParksP128701Development
ADA Compliance: Non-Local ParksP128702Development
Ballfield InitiativesP008720Development
Bethesda Lots 10 - 24 ParksP872302Development
Black Hill Regional Park: SEED ClassroomP872101Development
Blair HS Field Renovations and LightsP872105Development
Brookside Gardens Master Plan ImplementationP078702Development
Cost Sharing: Local ParksP977748Development
Cost Sharing: Non-Local ParksP761682Development
Elm Street Urban ParkP138701Development
Energy Conservation - Local ParksP998710Development
Energy Conservation - Non-Local ParksP998711Development
Enterprise Facilities' ImprovementsP998773Development
Evans Parkway Neighborhood ParkP098702Development
Facility Planning: Local ParksP957775Development
Facility Planning: Non-Local ParksP958776Development
Germantown Town Center Urban ParkP078704Development
Greenbriar Local ParkP078705Development
Hillandale Local ParkP871742Development
Josiah Henson Historic ParkP871552Development
Kemp Mill Urban ParkP138702Development
Laytonia Recreational ParkP038703Development
Little Bennett Regional Park Day Use AreaP138703Development
Lyttonsville Civic GreenP872501Development
M-NCPPC Affordability ReconciliationP871747Development
Minor New Construction - Local ParksP998799Development
Minor New Construction - Non-Local ParksP998763Development
North Branch TrailP871541Development
North Four Corners Local ParkP078706Development
Northwest Branch Recreational Park-Athletic AreaP118704Development
Ovid Hazen Wells Recreational ParkP871745Development
Park RefreshersP871902Development
Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement (PLAR): Local ParksP872503Development
Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement (PLAR): Non-Local ParksP872504Development
Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement: Local ParksP967754Development
Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement: NL ParksP968755Development
PLAR: LP - Boundary MarkingP998701Development
PLAR: LP - Court RenovationsP998704Development
PLAR: LP - Minor RenovationsP998702Development
PLAR: LP - Park Building RenovationsP998705Development
PLAR: LP - Play EquipmentP998703Development
PLAR: LP - Resurfacing Lots and PathsP871546Development
PLAR: NL - Boundary MarkingP998707Development
PLAR: NL - Court RenovationsP998715Development
PLAR: NL - Minor RenovationsP998708Development
PLAR: NL - Park Building RenovationsP871903Development
PLAR: NL - Play EquipmentP998709Development
PLAR: NL - Resurfacing Lots and PathsP871544Development
Pollution Prevention and Repairs to Ponds & LakesP078701Development
Power Line TrailP872202Development
Restoration Of Historic StructuresP808494Development
Rock Creek Maintenance FacilityP118702Development
Rock Creek Trail Pedestrian BridgeP048703Development
S. Germantown Recreational Park: Cricket FieldP871746Development
Small Grant/Donor-Assisted Capital ImprovementsP058755Development
Stream Protection: SVPP818571Development
Trails: Hard Surface Design & ConstructionP768673Development
Trails: Hard Surface RenovationP888754Development
Trails: Natural Surface & Resource-based RecreationP858710Development
Urban Park ElementsP871540Development
Vision ZeroP871905Development
Warner Circle Special ParkP118703Development
Wheaton Regional Park ImprovementsP871904Development
Woodside Urban ParkP138705Development
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