Recommended FY20 Capital Budget and Amendments to the FY19-24 Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

FY20 Recommended Capital Budgets
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Executive Recommendations
Existing Projects - FY19 Supplementals
Category/Subcategory Project Number Project Name
County Offices and Other ImprovementsP011601 Council Office Building Garage Renovation
Highway MaintenanceP500511 Resurfacing: Residential/Rural Roads
RecreationP721701 South County Regional Recreation and Aquatic Center
FY19-24 Scope Change and/or other Increase/Decrease Existing Projects - Amendments
Category/Subcategory Project Number Project Name
County Offices and Other ImprovementsP508768 Facility Planning: MCG
County Offices and Other ImprovementsP340901 Public Safety System Modernization
Fire/Rescue ServiceP451502 White Flint Fire Station 23
BridgesP509753 Bridge Renovation
Highway MaintenanceP508182 Sidewalk and Curb Replacement
Pedestrian Facilities/BikewaysP501532 Bicycle-Pedestrian Priority Area Improvements
Pedestrian Facilities/BikewaysP507596 Bikeway Program Minor Projects
Pedestrian Facilities/BikewaysP506747 Sidewalk Program Minor Projects
RoadsP500717 Montrose Parkway East
Traffic ImprovementsP507055 Streetlighting
Health and Human ServicesP641106 Dennis Avenue Health Center
RecreationP721903 KID Museum
Community DevelopmentP760900 Burtonsville Community Revitalization
Housing (MCG)P760100 Affordable Housing Acquisition and Preservation
Montgomery County Public Schools
Category/Subcategory Project Number Project Name
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP076506 Building Modifications and Program Improvements
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP926575 Current Revitalizations/Expansions
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP966553 Facility Planning: MCPS
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP975051 Improved (Safe) Access to Schools
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP651801 Outdoor Play Space Maintenance Project
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP896586 Planned Life Cycle Asset Repl: MCPS
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP846540 Relocatable Classrooms
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP056501 Restroom Renovations
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP926557 School Security Systems
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP651714 East Silver Spring ES Addition
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP651518 Gaithersburg Cluster Elementary School #8
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP652001 Highland View ES Addition
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP652002 Lake Seneca ES Addition
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP651907 Northwood HS Addition/Facility Upgrades
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP651705 Thomas W. Pyle MS Addition
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP652003 Thurgood Marshall ES Addition
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP056516 MCPS Affordability Reconciliation
Montgomery County Public SchoolsP076510 MCPS Funding Reconciliation
Montgomery College
Category/Subcategory Project Number Project Name
Montgomery CollegeP661401 College Affordability Reconciliation
Montgomery CollegeP662001 Collegewide Central Plant and Distribution Systems
Montgomery CollegeP661901 Collegewide Library Renovations
Montgomery CollegeP661602 Collegewide Physical Education Renovations
Montgomery CollegeP661801 Collegewide Road/Parking Lot Repairs and Replacements
Montgomery CollegeP816611 Energy Conservation: College
Montgomery CollegeP096604 Germantown Observation Drive Reconstruction
Montgomery CollegeP076612 Germantown Student Services Center
Montgomery CollegeP926659 Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement: College
Montgomery CollegeP906605 Planning, Design and Construction
Montgomery CollegeP136601 Rockville Parking Garage
Montgomery CollegeP076607 Takoma Park/Silver Spring Math and Science Center
Maryland - National Capital Park and Planning Commission
Category/Subcategory Project Number Project Name
M-NCPPCP767828 Acquisition: Local Parks
M-NCPPCP872002 Bethesda Park Impact Payment
M-NCPPCP128702 ADA Compliance: Non-Local Parks
M-NCPPCP008720 Ballfield Initiatives
M-NCPPCP871552 Josiah Henson Historic Park
M-NCPPCP871747 M-NCPPC Affordability Reconciliation
M-NCPPCP998763 Minor New Construction - Non-Local Parks
M-NCPPCP871746 S. Germantown Recreational Park: Cricket Field
M-NCPPCP058755 Small Grant/Donor-Assisted Capital Improvements
FY19-24 Implementation Acceleration/Delays & Other Schedule Adjustments
Category/Subcategory Project Number Project Name
Economic DevelopmentP361701 White Oak Science Gateway Redevelopment Project
BridgesP501906 Dorsey Mill Road Bridge
Mass Transit (MCG)P500929 Bethesda Metro Station South Entrance
Mass Transit (MCG)P501914 White Flint Metro Station Northern Entrance
Pedestrian Facilities/BikewaysP501733 Bradley Boulevard (MD 191) Improvements
Pedestrian Facilities/BikewaysP501316 Capital Crescent Trail
Pedestrian Facilities/BikewaysP501911 Forest Glen Passageway
Pedestrian Facilities/BikewaysP501303 Seven Locks Bikeway and Safety Improvements
RoadsP501204 White Flint District East: Transportation
Traffic ImprovementsP500333 Pedestrian Safety Program
RecreationP721801 Wall Park Garage and Park Improvements
FY19-24 Funding Shifts, Switches and Reallocations - Other Technical Changes
Category/Subcategory Project Number Project Name
County Offices and Other ImprovementsP509923 Elevator Modernization
County Offices and Other ImprovementsP500918 Environmental Compliance: MCG
County Offices and Other ImprovementsP509970 Life Safety Systems: MCG
County Offices and Other ImprovementsP509514 Planned Lifecycle Asset Replacement: MCG
Economic DevelopmentP150401 Wheaton Redevelopment Program
PoliceP471802 Public Safety Communications Center
Highway MaintenanceP361902 Salt Storage Facility
Mass Transit (MCG)P501912 Bus Rapid Transit: US 29
Pedestrian Facilities/BikewaysP501917 Goldsboro Road Sidewalk and Bikeway
Pedestrian Facilities/BikewaysP500718 MacArthur Blvd Bikeway Improvements
Pedestrian Facilities/BikewaysP501209 MD 355 Crossing (BRAC)
RoadsP500102 Bethesda CBD Streetscape
RoadsP501404 MCG Reconciliation PDF
RoadsP501307 Seminary Road Intersection Improvement
RoadsP501109 Snouffer School Road
RoadsP501916 Teachers Way Extended
Traffic ImprovementsP509399 Advanced Transportation Management System
Traffic ImprovementsP507017 Intersection and Spot Improvements
Traffic ImprovementsP500704 Traffic Signal System Modernization
Traffic ImprovementsP507154 Traffic Signals
Health and Human ServicesP601502 Avery Road Treatment Center
LibrariesP711502 Library Refurbishment Level of Effort
RecreationP720601 Cost Sharing: MCG
RecreationP720102 North Potomac Community Recreation Center
RecreationP721501 Western County Outdoor Pool Renovation and Modernization
Fiscal Summary Schedules
11FY19-24 Biennial Recommended CIP Budget Amendments Summary
11General Obligation Bond Adjustment Chart
11General Obligation Bonds - Programming Adjustment for Unspent Prior Years
11Tax Supported Current Revenues Adjustment Chart
11M-NCPPC Bond Adjustment Chart