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Solicitation Number
RFP # 1102596
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RFP Closing Date
Nov 12 2020 11:00AM
Temporary Administrative Paraprofessional Support Services
Amendment #1 has been issued
Pre-Submission Conference
Microsoft Teams Meeting, Call In Number: +1 443-692-5768 and Conference ID: 898 482 497#
Oct 19 2020 10:00AM
Technical Contact:
Mary Wright
+1 2407775090
[email protected]

Procurement Specialist:
Segyung Yaeger
(240) 777-9944
[email protected]

Montgomery County has used vendors that provide temporary administrative and paraprofessional support services to meet its need for temporary support services. The County intends to enter into a contract with one (1) qualified vendor. The intent of this contract is for temporary administrative and paraprofessional support services only.

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