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RFP # 1161754
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Apr 15 2024 3:00PM
Microtransit Shared Ride "FLEX" Software Requirements
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Microsoft Teams Meeting (See Solicitation for Details)
Apr 1 2024 2:30PM
Technical Contact:
John Pappas
(240) 777-5811
[email protected]

Procurement Specialist:
Karen DeLuca
(240) 777-9917
[email protected]

Montgomery County Government, Maryland – Department of Transportation: Division of Transit (MCDOT/The County) has the need for a transportation software company to continue and expand the current Ride On Flex program. This is an on-demand ride sharing transit technology service for Montgomery County residents.

The County is seeking an on-demand transit solution, fully capable and ready to serve Montgomery County riders (matching the present level of services) Day 1. The intent is to then expand services (zones), up to a maximum of 15. This expansion will occur in a manner and cadence agreed upon by both parties.

The County would like the contractor proposal to be priced for the following scenario:

• The County supplies the buses and operators.
• The Contractor supplies the mobile App, end-point technology, back-end technology, customer contact system and staff (i.e. Call Center)

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