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This Solicitation is Reserved for the Local Small Business Reserve Program

Solicitation Number
RFP # 1141213
Bid Opening/
RFP Closing Date
Oct 13 2022 3:00PM
Site Construction Services
Amendments #1, #2 and #3 have been issued
Pre-Submission Conference
Microsoft Teams Meeting( See Solicitation for Details)
Sep 20 2022 1:30PM
Technical Contact:
Michael Kay
+1 2407776072

Procurement Specialist:
Robert Norris
(240) 777-9926

This solicitation will be issued through BidNet's Maryland Purchasing Group ( In the spirit of continuous improvement, Montgomery County utilizes this platform to post solicitations and accept electronic responses from vendors. Click here for instructions on registering and creating a FREE ACCOUNT.

IF YOU NEED HELP REGISTERING, please call BidNet Direct’s Support Department at 800-835-4603. Montgomery County cannot assist with registration questions.

This solicitation is reserved for only application submitted/certified local small businesses timely registered with the County’s LSBRP. This solicitation thus comes under County Code, sections 11B-17A; 11B-65; 11B-70 and Executive Regulation 21-05AM.  These documents can be accessed through the LSBRP web site at ( 

It is the County's intent to enter into contracts with two (2) qualified Contractors for “requirements”
(Task Order) contract with a roster of unit prices for items relative to various site construction and rehabilitation projects throughout the County. The County will issue a Task Order for each Project. Issuance of a Task Order will be contingent upon appropriation of funds by the Montgomery County Council and the encumbrance of such funds, as provided by the Montgomery County Code.

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