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IFB # 1129228
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May 16 2022 11:00AM
Parking Garage Sweeping and Miscellaneous Cleaning Services
None to Date
Pre-Submission Conference
Virtual Microsoft Teams Meeting
Apr 26 2022 11:00AM
Technical Contact:
Charles Menter
+1 2407772088

Procurement Specialist:
Robert Norris
(240) 777-9926

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Work Included: Provide all necessary management, supervision, personnel, labor, tools and equipment for miscellaneous cleaning services at Public Parking Facilities. The work requires a significant amount of driving as the majority of the parking facilities are to be cleaned daily. Before the end of their shift, Supervisors must inspect each parking facility, including all levels of the garages, to ensure the work is being performed in accordance with the contract requirements. Services will be on an "as-needed" basis upon direction of the Contract Administrator or Designee. All Services must be performed in facilities designated by the Contract Administrator or Designee.

Cleaning Activities: Litter pickup, trash receptacle emptying and washing, sign cleaning, glass cleaning, spot hand mopping, guardrail spot cleaning, handrail spot cleaning, door spot cleaning, floor drain basket cleaning, elevator cabs spot cleaning, stairwells cleaning, striping, buffing, waxing tile floors, graffiti cleaning, sweep, mop, bathrooms cleaning, COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting, blood borne pathogens cleaning and other cleaning activities as directed.

The Washdown, Degreasing and Structural Cleaning: The degreasing of decks and structural steel cleaning of the parkin

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