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Open Solicitation Number
# 1016152
Nursing Home Placements for Adults
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Montgomery County, Maryland (the County), through its Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is seeking licensed and accredited nursing homes to provide nursing home placement to at-risk adults with complex medical and other needs as described in this Open Solicitation and who are in need of placement to secure their health and safety until a longer term plan can be made on their behalf or eligibility for Medical Assistance–Long Term Care (MA-LTC) is established. Service needs may include custodial care, limited skilled nursing services (i.e., nursing oversight, medication administration) and rehabilitation related to somatic conditions, mental illness, behavioral problems, and/or cognitive impairment. The clients to be served may include victims of abuse who are receiving Adult Protective Services (APS) from DHHS Aging and Disability Services (A&D).

Please contact the Contract Management Team for information.