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Open Solicitation Number
# 1005576
Counseling Services for Domestic Violence Offenders and Victims - Addenda #1 has been issued
Please Contact APP Super Therapist at 2407774210 for more information on this solicitation.
ScopePlease visit to download this solicitation.

Montgomery County, Maryland, through its Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is seeking experienced and qualified entities to provide counseling services to domestic abuse offenders as described in this Open Solicitation and, to a limited extent, to provide services to victims of domestic violence who have no insurance or financial resources to seek private care and: a) are experiencing an initial domestic violence crisis; or b) who have ongoing recovery/safety issues. The clients to be served may include those eligible for the Public Mental Health System. The intended limited use of any resulting contract to provide counseling services for victims is subject to change at the Countys discretion. Please contact Supervisory Therapist, Abused Persons Program (240-777-4210) with questions or to receive a copy of this solicitation.