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Informal Solicitation Details
Informal Number
Closing Date
Dec 18 2019 3:00PM
Telehealth Video Software, Equipment and Supplies
Amanda Abbey
+1 2407731122
In School Health Services, the telehealth system will be utilized between a Montgomery County Government (MCG) Nurse in the Montgomery County Public School’s (MCPS) health room and a MCG contracted Nurse Practitioner in a School Based Health Center (SBHC). All patients’ visits and data will be stored in the existing SBHC’s electronic health record system and will NOT be stored in the telehealth system. The system will not generate local or cloud data records. The system must have a monitor on the cart that will be used by the Nurse when examining the patient and conferencing with the Nurse Practitioner. The telehealth system will include both the hardware and software from the vendor that provides seamless communication between the Nurse and Nurse Practitioner during the examination process.

Click here to download the informal solicitation. Please contact Amanda Abbey at +1 2407731122 with questions.