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Informal Solicitation Details
Informal Number
Closing Date
Apr 3 2018 3:00PM
Ag Services: Land Preservation
Jacqueline Arnold
The OAG intends to select one contractor to provide professional agricultural services primarily focused on the OAG’s Agricultural Land Preservation programs. The Contractor will be an independent contractor and will not be entitled to any benefits available to Montgomery County employees including, but not limited to: credit union membership; administrative leave; access to deferred compensation plans; affirmative action initiatives; personnel services; employee training; health insurance; paid time off; paid sick time; or, worker’s compensation benefits.

The County will not withhold any income taxes, social security withholding, unemployment, or other taxes from the compensation payable to the Contractor and Contractor is responsible for making appropriate arrangements for payment of taxes. Work will be assigned on an as-needed basis. The County makes no guarantee that the Contractor will receive any minimum number of, or any, assignments under the contract resulting from this solicitation.

Scope of work includes:
  • Providing lead capacity in coordinating with the Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board (APAB) in an effort to identify and obtain support for alternative agricultural land preservation funding.
  • Scheduling and conducting the required easement inspections with landowners whose farms are encumbered by agricultural land preservation programs and finalizing the inspection reports as necessary to include recommending and coordinating corrective actions as necessary.
  • Assisting with the day-today operations associated with the agricultural land preservation programs
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