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Mar 12 2018 3:00PM
Engineering Consulting Services
Anthony Skinner
The Solid Waste Fund Master Authorization, Sections 5.14(D) and 5.23(B), requires that a consulting engineer perform reviews of the proposed fiscal year budget, rate model, capital equipment reserve, and perform site visits to the County Disposal components namely: the Resource Recovery Facility, Material Recovery Facility, Transfer Station, Compost Facility, and the Oaks Landfill. The consulting engineer must file a report with the County on the then current state of the System, which includes, but is not limited to the sufficiency of the maintenance and repair, and any other relevant aspects of the System. The Maser Authorization, which together with Chapter 48, governs the funding and operation of the County Disposal System.

Click here to download the informal solicitation. Please contact Anthony Skinner at 240-777-6438 with questions.