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This Solicitation is Reserved for the Local Small Business Reserve Program

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Dec 29 2017 5:00PM
Digital and Social Media Marketing Services
Jacqueline Arnold
The Contractor will work with the Office of Agriculture (OAG) and the Montgomery County Soil Conservation District (MSCD) to enhance their current digital and social media marketing aimed at broadening the awareness and increasing the knowledge of the residents about the County's Ag Reserve - its existence, importance, benefits (social, environmental and economic) - as well as about the programs and services offered by the OAG and MSCD to the agricultural community and residents. Services will include but are not limited to website recommendation and maintenance, development of social media strategy, management of social media platforms, tracking engagement and growth resulting from social media efforts.

Click here to download the informal solicitation. Please contact Jacqueline Arnold at 301-590-2859 with questions.