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This Solicitation is Reserved for the Local Small Business Reserve Program

Informal Number
Closing Date
Apr 19 2024 3:00PM
Montgomery County Public Schools Report Catalog Gap Analysis
Blaise DeFazio
+1 2407777983
[email protected]

The Office of Legislative Oversight is soliciting proposals to enter into a contract with a qualified, experienced vendor to complete a gap analysis study that includes: compiling and categorizing all Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) related reports, audits, and investigations recurring, mandated, and those needed on an ad hoc basis; compare this catalog of reports to similar sized school districts, identifying gaps; confer with experts in the performance and fiscal budgeting fields on reports, audits, and investigations that should be required or asked for by the Council/and or the Board of Education; and based on the catalog, comparisons, and expert input, determine if additional resources are needed.

Click here to download the informal solicitation. Please contact Blaise DeFazio at +1 2407777983 with questions.