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This Solicitation is Reserved for the Local Small Business Reserve Program

Informal Number
Closing Date
Apr 6 2022 10:00AM
Specialty Printing
Richard Taylor
  1. The contractor must provide technical expertise for a broad range of specialty printing Assignments   and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:
    1. Schedule - Most jobs will require 5-business day schedule. Adherence to the schedule must be maintained. The schedule will begin upon receipt of Montgomery County Publishing and Document Services print order.  Contractor must not start production of any job prior to receipt of approved proof. Proofs will be held for 1 business day. (Not all jobs will require a proof) 
    2. At the County’s option, electronic files will be furnished via email or through other transfer preferences. Files are created in In Design, Illustrator, and other publishing software. Files will be provided in high resolution PDF files. All fonts, custom lettering spacing/kerning are included. Files will be formatted to include text, rules, line art, illustrations, halftones, and if needed bleeds will be added to the final format layout.
    3. The contractor is cautioned that all files are the property of Montgomery County and/or its originator. All files are to be eliminated from the contractor’s archive immediately after completion of the contract.
    4. Prior to processing each job, the contractor shall perform a basic preflight check of furnished media and publishing files to assure correct output of the required publication. Any errors, or data corruption that might interfere with the proper file image processing must be reported to Publications and Document Services Chief prior to further production performance.

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