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Informal Number
Closing Date
Mar 23 2022 5:00PM
Racial Equity Review – Thrive Montgomery 2050
Stephen Mathany
+1 2407777905

The Montgomery County Council is interested in retaining the services of a qualified independent consultant to provide a Racial Equity and Social Justice report outlining recommendations for revising the PHED Committee Draft of Thrive 2050. REQUIREMENTS: Identify process for engaging BIPOC/low-income residents regarding Thrive 2050; submit approach for the engagement process to gather info from residents; leverage input from prior community engagement efforts with BIPOC/low-income residents on Thrive 2050; recommend changes to Thrive 2050 based on this input; draft new chapter on racial equity and social justice (RESJ) issues for Thrive 2050. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Experience working on RESJ issues, experience conducting community outreach efforts with culturally and linguistically diverse persons and low-income residents; exceptional written and oral communication skills; familiarity and knowledge of land use policies covered by area master plans including policies on housing, transportation, environment. PREFFERED QUALIFICATIONS: Experience working directly with master plan issues including land-use policies on housing, transportation, and the environment. EVALUATION CRITERIA & AWARD METHOD: Vendor interviews will be conducted with offerors that achieve a score of at least 85 points on the submitted written proposal. The award will be based on the highest-ranked written proposal and the interview score. TERM: This contract will run through the completion of the final product, to be delivered by July 1, 2022. Before the Contract term ends, the Director, at his or her sole option, may (but is not required to) renew this Contract through October 31, 2022, if the Director determines that renewal is in the best interest of the County.

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