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This Solicitation is Reserved for the Local Small Business Reserve Program

Informal Number
Closing Date
Mar 15 2022 10:00AM
Latino Health Initiative Technical Support
Viviana A. Ortiz
(240) 777-1807

The Contractor must research, write, edit, package and/or deliver timely, high quality, culturally and linguistically competent services in one or more of the following areas listed below, as requested by DHHS program staff. Strategic Planning, including but not limited to:

A. Quantitative and qualitative assessments and evaluation, group facilitation, curriculum development, report development, organizational development, policy development, and event planning.

B. Communication, including but not limited to:Development and publishing of educational and outreach materials, course design, curriculum development, editing, revision, content writing, graphic design services, media and multimedia advisory and support, media, and multimedia campaigns.

Click here to download the informal solicitation. Please contact Viviana A. Ortiz at (240) 777-1807 with questions.