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Bill 8-19
Erosion, Sediment Control and Stormwater Management High - PAH Sealants
Sponsor(s): Rice Co-Sponsor(s): Navarro

Bill 39-18E
Domestic Violence Council - Membership - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Katz Co-Sponsor(s): Navarro

Bill 6-18
Contracts - Labor Peace Agreements - Displaced Service Workers - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Elrich, Hucker Co-Sponsor(s): Rice, Navarro

Bill 10-18
Administration - Director of County Climate Policy - Established
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Berliner, Hucker, Navarro

Bill 16-18E
Taxation - Transportation Mitigation Payment - Credit
Sponsor(s): Floreen Co-Sponsor(s): Katz, Rice, Navarro

Bill 35-17
Finance - Payments to Service Providers
Sponsor(s): Berliner Co-Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Elrich, Katz, Floreen, Rice, Hucker, Riemer, Navarro

Bill 28-17
Human Rights and Civil Liberties - County Minimum Wage - Amount - Annual Adjustment
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Leventhal, Riemer, Hucker, Navarro

Bill 13-17E
Taxation - Property Tax Credit for Retired Military Services Members - Eligibility
Sponsor(s): Floreen Co-Sponsor(s): Berliner, Rice, Katz, Navarro

Bill 9-17
Fuel-Energy Tax - Exemptions - Amendments
Sponsor(s): Leventhal Co-Sponsor(s): Berliner, Elrich, Hucker, Katz, Rice, Riemer, Navarro

Bill 28-16
Solid Waste (Trash) - Strategic Plan to Advance Composting, Compost Use and Food Waste Diversion
Sponsor(s): Berliner Co-Sponsor(s): Katz, Hucker, Elrich, Riemer, Navarro

Bill 21-16E
Property Tax Credit - Burtonsville Enterprise Zone Property - Personal Property
Sponsor(s): Hucker Co-Sponsor(s): Elrich, Navarro

Bill 53-15E
Taxicabs - Credit Card Transactions
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Riemer, Navarro

Bill 8-15
Taxation - Development Impact Tax - Exemptions
Sponsor(s): Floreen Co-Sponsor(s): Riemer, Rice, Katz, Navarro

Bill 23-11
Development Districts, Special Taxing Districts - Duplication of Funding
Sponsor(s): Elrich Co-Sponsor(s): Ervin, Berliner, Navarro

Bill 27-11
Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Advisory Committee - Sunset Repeal
Sponsor(s): Ervin Co-Sponsor(s): Berliner, Andrews, Navarro

Bill 51-10E
Administration - Council Budget Office
Sponsor(s): Knapp Co-Sponsor(s): Ervin, Floreen, Navarro